In accordance with recommendations made by public health authorities to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure the health of my clients, I am providing services remotely (telepsychology). Telepsychology is available by voice (telephone) or online video (Google Workspace version of GOOGLE MEET which is a HIPAA compliant online platform to provide telehealth services -- see Google Workspace HIPAA for more information and security/privacy details).

I welcome new clients who are interested in scheduling an initial consultation: Email: | Voice: 516-690-7278

I am registered to provide telepsychology to individuals who are located in New York (License #10084) and Florida (Telehealth provider #TPPY1232).

I have provided psychotherapy via phone/internet frequently over the last several years in a variety of circumstances and find that for the most part it does not differ much from in person sessions even though I understand that for many, including myself, in person is preferred. It is worth noting that there is a substantial amount of research backing up the efficacy of using CBT via remote methods (phone, internet).

For more information, see this recent article on the move to telepsychology as a result of the pandemic (which in the end may be a good thing for many clients who prefer this method): LINK. Another good article describes the success of online therapy: LINK

One of the major advantages of telepsychology is that clients can choose among the best trained therapists to assist with their problems without geographic limitations. For example, if someone wanted to work with me in the past it was necessary for him or her to be within commuting distance of my office. That is no longer necessary and thus clients can choose a provider based upon competence rather than geographical location. I have all the forms I use to facilitate therapy online and thus can easily provide what is necessary -- just like I would do in session.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please read the telepsychology and privacy consent statements located here. Once you contact me to schedule an appointment (preferably by sending an email to I will reply with general information about my practice and ask that you reply to that with the statement “I agree with Dr. Sanderson's privacy policy" in the body of the email to avoid delay.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


William C. Sanderson, PhD