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Feeling Depressed or Anxious?

We know that right now the world is very unpredictable and your sense of ‘normal’ has been disrupted. For many people this can unfortunately lead to heightened feelings of anxiety and a nagging depressive mood that just won't go away. With the introduction of quarantine and social distancing measures, we are also seeing an increase of individuals who are dealing with social isolation, which has been shown to lead to an increase in negative mental health symptoms.

If you are dealing with these symptoms and nothing seems to be working, we would love to help. By using a blend of integrative psychiatric techniques, in addition to natural medicine and minimal prescriptions, Dr. Ellis has a history of assisting patients who are looking to take control of their mental health.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient, please contact our office at (405) 701-5666 in order to get connected to one of our medical assistants who can get you scheduled as quickly as 2 to 4 weeks away.

We accept multiple insurance companies (Our Services) and we also offer a private pay option. A $150 deposit is required in order to schedule your first appointment. This payment will be credited back to you after we receive insurance payment.

Don’t deal with these issues by yourself any longer!

Our team is ready to help you achieve mental and behavioral health stability today.

Appointment Announcement

To all current and future patients - Our clinic is still operating via telehealth appointments, however we do have in-person appointment options available. If you would like to schedule an in-person visit please call 405-701-5666. For further updates regarding scheduling appointments please see our COVID-19 announcement.

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