Driving a Taxi with fonaCAB

Driving a taxi with fonaCAB. 

Whether you're already a Driver or thinking of becoming one, You'll find some useful information on this page. When you're ready, please give us your contact details here and one of our team will contact you for a confidential, no commitment chat.

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I'm not a Taxi Driver yet

In order to work as a Taxi Driver in Northern Ireland you must have a Taxi Drivers Licence. 

You will need  to have held a normal driving license for three years or more before you can start the process, and you must be eligible to work in the UK. There is some testing involved, you'll have to pay for the cost of your tests and licenses, and it can take a month or two to complete the process, but we can help

There is no maximum age limit for driving a taxi. When you apply for a new license, or a renewal, you will have to complete a medical to ensure you are fit for driving and any age related issues, or disabilities are considered as part of this process

Driving a taxi for a living offers great flexibility, with you in control of the hours that you work, giving you the power to maximise your earnings and enjoy a great work / life / family balance - these benefits are the same whether you're male or female, there's no difference in the process or the opportunities. We'd love to see more female drivers working with us - the ones who already do love the role. You can read about two female fonaCAB Drivers and their experiences in this interview in Taxi Driver NI Magazine from October 2023

The fonaCAB Driver Academy offers FREE guidance and tuition, online and in person, to help you pass your theory test (We've got a 78.3% pass rate against an NI average of 30.1%) Tuition is offered free of charge and at a time that suits you. While we'll do our best to prepare you for the test, the onus is on you to study, go through the process and complete the tests.

To find out more about the FREE fonaCAB Driver Academy, please give us your contact details Here

I am a Taxi Driver thinking of moving to fonaCAB

We'd love to talk to you. 

fonaCAB has a range of incentives for new and returning Drivers and we can get you on the road and earning as soon as same day if you make the move to drive with us. 

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our fleet. Drivers are expected to keep their vehicles maintained and clean and this is rewarded with higher customer satisfaction and more bookings

Your car does not need to be new, or below a certain age, but it will need to be in great condition and have passed all necessary tests. 

Easiest thing to do is come and see us with your car - Our Fleet Manager can advise you what's best and if needed, we can offer a variety of vehicles to rent and get you on the road at very competitive prices

Please give us your contact details Here and we'll be in touch with further information

I was a Taxi Driver but my license has expired

If you previously had a taxi license but it expired we can help get you back on the road. If your license is expired two years or less, you dont need to do any testing, you just need to make sure your CPC is up to date. If its more than two years you will have to start the testing process from the start - either way we can help

Please give us your contact details Here and we'll be in touch with further information

Driving a Taxi - What are the "Pros and Cons"

Driving a taxi has its ups and downs, just like any job - here are some of the challenges and opportunities we hear about from Drivers



Why Choose fonaCAB?

As a Taxi Driver in Northern Ireland you either need to have your own Operators License or drive with a company that has one - here's some reasons why you should choose to drive with fonaCAB. 

Every fonaCAB Driver is self employed. That means that they are free to work the days and hours that they choose with no penalty for not working, and no set shifts - Some choose to work the same hours every day, others work until they have earned a certain amount but Drivers often work their day around their lives - for example, logging off for a while, or starting later to allow time to get the kids to school. fonaCAB allow our Drivers the freedom to work when they want and where they want - This provides the opportunity for a fantastic work life balance

What about costs and earnings?

How do I find out more?

Whether you're considering becoming a Driver, already have your license, or if it has expired, Please give us your contact details Here and we'll be in touch with further information

Alternately, you can contact our Fleet Manager Gary McCoy directly by calling 02890 330 333 for Belfast and 02838 323409 for Craigavon for a confidential no commitment chat. 

Our head office is at 209 Knock Road Belfast BT5 6QE and you're welcome to call in anytime Monday to Friday for a chat and meet the team. We'd also be delighted to meet you at our Carn Business Park Contact Centre in Portadown

If you'd prefer to speak to us by email, no problem - just drop us a line or two at drivers@fonacab.com and we'll come back to you