Driving for fonaCAB

Thinking of driving for fonaCAB? You can find answers to many of our frequently asked questions here. Call our Fleet Manager on 02890 330 333 to arrange an appointment and find out more. Click our logo to return to this menu & click Here to return to the main site

How soon can I start at fonaCAB?

We will get you on the road as quickly as possible from the time you agree to drive for fonaCAB. We'll get you set up in next to no time and we could have you on the road on the very same day.

Tell me about costs & earnings?


  • The Driver keeps 100% of their fares
  • The Driver is not charged for any credit card or account fees
  • We pay account work directly to the Driver up to twice a week
  • Roof Sign, Meter and Printer equipment are all provided and installed free of charge.
  • Huge variety of Rent to Own cars available at competitive prices
  • Full time Driver depot rent is £136 per week, Part Time Driver rent is from only £40

Do you have starting incentives?

Absolutely - Drivers new to us will also qualify for an initial rent free period - ask us for full details!

Is my car good enough for fonaCAB?

At fonaCAB we pride ourselves on the high standard of our fleet. Drivers are expected to keep their vehicles maintained and clean and this is rewarded with higher customer satisfaction and more bookings

Your car does not need to be new, or below a certain age, but it will need to be in great condition and have passed all necessary tests.

Easiest thing to do is come and see us with your car - Our Fleet Manager can advise you whats best and if needed, we can offer a variety of vehicles to rent and get you on the road at very competitive prices

fonaCAB will help get you on the road and keep you working efficiently to maximise your earnings

What support do I get?

We appreciate that you've chosen to drive for fonaCAB and we'll endeavour to provide you with first class support at all times.

  • fonaCAB Drivers complete an average of 100,000 jobs per week. Customers book via our professional 24 hour call centre, on the web, or using our APP and these jobs are distributed to our Drivers automatically. We find the customers for you
  • Your car will be fitted with a state of the art Data Head which will manage your bookings, provide directions to your customer and take credit card and account payments
  • In house training available for all Drivers at our Head Office on Knock Road
  • 24 Hour Fleet, Admin and IT support for any issues you encounter
  • Loan cars available should yours be off the road
  • We record every phone call and track every booking. This improves customer service and and increases the security of our Drivers

Can I work whatever hours I choose?

Every fonaCAB Driver is self employed. That means that they are free to work the days and hours that they choose with no penalty for not working, and no set shifts

Some choose to work the same hours every day, others work until they have earned a certain amount but Drivers often work their day around their lives - for example, logging off for a while, or starting later to allow time to get the kids to school.

fonaCAB allow our Drivers the freedom to work when they want and where thay want - This provides the opportunity for a fantastic work life balance

Do I get holidays with fonaCAB?

As a self employed fonaCAB Driver you are free to take holidays when you choose. Provided you let us know in advance that you are going on holidays you won’t have to pay any depot rent while you are not working

fonaCAB do not charge our Drivers for depot rent or equipment hire while on holidays

Can I work Part Time?

As a fonaCAB Driver you’re self employed and free to work the hours that suit you. If you think you’re likely to regularly only work part time hours we offer a substantial depot rent discount for part time work

As a part time Driver you cannot work for two taxi companies at the same time (including Uber) , but you are free to take on any other work that suits you

fonaCAB flexibility reduces your costs as a Part Time Driver

How do I find out more?

Simple, you can contact our Fleet Manager Gary McCoy directly by calling 02890 330 333 for a confidential no commitment chat.

Our head office is at 209 Knock Road BT5 6QE and you're welcome to call in anytime Monday to Friday for a chat and meet the team

If you'd prefer to speak to us by email, no problem - just drop us a line or two at careers@fonacab.com and we'll come back to you