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Tops, Batts & Yarns

Sooo... I can blame my limited inventory on Roger retiring from teaching in 2019, or on the pandemic that stopped all festivals for 3 years, or that I could no longer find undyed fibers in quantities smaller than a bump (230 lbs). Whatever....I stopped dyeing for 3 whole years. Wow!

But the times have evolved, and so have I. I am continuing to dye and card my beloved protein fibers on a much smaller scale, but Roger and I are now also painting and printing cotton and linen fabrics with natural dyes. It's a whole new world for me!

Which brings me back to my first love, the tops and batts you see on this page. Rather than let these sweet fibers just sit in bins waiting upon a nebulous future, I would much rather see them sail out the door and into your lives. That why I'm selling all of them at a very low $7.50/ounce.

At times like these, we need to take good care of each other. My way is to gift these fibers at a price as low as possible, sometimes below my own cost. These tops and batts and yarns are like babies to me, and each of them needs a good home. Hopefully yours?

  • To spin one of our combed tops, you must open up the fibers first or they will be too dense to work with (especially if they have been overdyed in indigo). So before you do anything else, carefully split the top lengthwise into manageable narrow strips. Then gently draft each strip, and you're ready to spin.

  • To spin one of our carded batts, unroll it, gently separate it into long strips, draft a tiny bit, then spin, spin, spin.

Refer to the "Shop" page to learn how you can buy these beautiful fibers. We will calculate tax and shipping on your total order. Sorry, no refunds.

Want to see what we're dyeing up now? Check out our newest fibers on our Instagram page, then contact us if any call out to you.

Merino/Tussah 80/20 2nd bath Osage orange painted with madder, quebracho red, cochineal & iron. was $9.25/oz now $7.50/oz

T 8871 2 tops: 3.9 4.2 ounces

Honey Tussah Silk 2nd bath lac insect "Honey" refers to the silk's natural color, i.e., before the silk is bleached white. Tussah has a tendency to dye unevenly, so you can catch glimpses of the natural honey color in the cranberry red.

was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 72972 2 tops: 3.5 3.8 ounces

Be forewarned: there's a lot to scroll through.

So make yourself comfortable, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Merino/Tencel 50/50 2nd & 3rd bath logwood Note that these two tops are slightly different in color. was $8/oz now $7.50/oz

T 12451-1 SOLD OUT T 75206-1 SOLD OUT

Blue Faced Leicester 2nd bath fustic painted with Osage orange, fustic, madder, walnut, cochineal & iron was $10.25/oz now $7.50/oz

T 14121-1 SOLD OUT

Merino/Bombyx 50/50 cochineal insect

This luscious merino/bombyx is Lisa Souza's finest! I have just one top left.

was $11.75/oz now $7.50/oz

T 816112-1 SOLD OUT

Merino/Tencel 50/50 2nd bath madder root & cochineal extract Note that these 2 tops work really well with the variegated Merino/Tencel top, right.

was $8.50/oz now $7.50/oz

T 7520-8 2 tops: 4.0 4.1 ounces

Merino/Tencel 50/50 cochineal, logwood, madder, iron Note that this painted top beautifully complements the pink Merino/Tencel, left.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 4521-2 1 top: 4.0 ounces

Targhee indigo

The white spaces are intentional, just not very wide. Their effect should be subtle.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 41719-1 SOLD OUT

Targhee 2nd bath Osage orange & indigo

A little brighter than depicted.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 5719-2 3 tops: 4.1 4.2 4.2 ounces

Targhee oxalis (aka sourgrass)

The top fiber is 1st bath. so the yellow is more saturated. The bottom is 2nd bath and lighter. was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 9219-1 1 top (brighter) SOLD OUT

T 9219-4 1 top (lighter): 3.9 ounces

Merino 19.5 microns indigo & Osage orange

a strong green with blue undertones

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 82919-2 1 mini: 2.0 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 Queen Anne's Lace & indigo was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 62519-1 SOLD OUT

Merino 19.5 micron 2nd bath walnut, iron & indigo Very moody! was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 7119-1 3tops: 4.3 4.3 4.3 ounces

Merino 19.5 micro indigo & weld was $10/oz now $7.50/oz


1 mini: 1.9 ounces

Merino 19.5 micron 3rd bath walnut

A soft, warm neutral with the tiniest grey

was $9.50/oz now $7.50/oz

T 7519-3 1 top: 4.2 ounces

Merino 19.5 micron 3rd bath cochineal (with a drop of madder)

It was hard to capture the soft apricot color. It is a teeny, tiny bit more pink under natural light.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 71519-2 1 top: 4.1 ounces

Merino/Yak/Silk 60/20/20 logwood chips & extract

A rich greyed brown. Typically logwood is known for its gorgeous purples, but if you add tartaric acid or cream of tartar to your mordant, you will get this lovely neutral.

was $8/oz now $7.50 oz

T 4415-1 2 tops: 4.0 4.2 ounces

Targhee 2nd bath fustic & cochineal

The fustic is slightly more gold than depicted.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 31819-1 3 tops: 4.1 4.2 4.2 ounces

Blue Faced Leicester leftover extracts painted randomly on ecru

This will spin up very pale....maybe for a baby?

was $8/oz now $7.50/oz

T 4818-2 SOLD OUT

Targhee Osage orange dipped in indigo

was $10/oz now $7.50 oz

T 5719-1 1 top: 4.2 ounces

Targhee 2nd bath cochineal, madder, indigo

Very bright and cheery!

was $10.25/oz now $7.50/oz

T 31819-2 3 tops: 4.0 4.1 4.1 ounces

Merino/Bombyx 80/20 wild blackberry brambles & iron

A light stone-green neutral. Also see right.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 62519-2 2 tops: 4.2 4.3 ounces

Merino/Bombyx 80/20 wild blackberry brambles. iron & indigo

This is the same top as T 62519-2, left, just partially dipped in indigo.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 62519-3 SOLD OUT

Targhee onions skins & cochineal

Not to be confused with T 31919-4, above. The onion skins make for a darker, slightly browned gold.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 3819-3 SOLD OUT

Brown Yak/Silk 50/50 madder root

Glows like copper! was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 91419-1 SOLD OUT

Brown Yak/Silk 50/50 madder root

The exact same as the yak/silk, left, just a bit darker. Both dyed at the same time but in different pots. Go figure.

was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 91419-2 SOLD OUT

Merino/Tussah 80/20

Osage orange, madder, chestnut, fustic, cutch, walnut & iron

5 colors, each 1 ounce. Maybe spin up a variegated single; then ply it with one of the next 5 tops? Just a thought....

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

SP 319-1 1 packet only: 5.0 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 chestnut extract & iron

elephant grey with a soft yellow undertone

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 31719-1 2 tops: 4.3 4.4 ounces 1 mini: 1.8 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 Osage orange sawdust & iron

celery green with a yellow undertone

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 3 1119-1 3 tops: 4.2 4.2 4.3 ounces 1 mini: 2.1 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 madder extract

a dark mottled orange red

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 3719-1 1 top: 4.2 ounces 1 mini: 1.8 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 fustic extract & iron

a bronze greenish gold

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 31119-2 3 tops: 4.3 4.4 4.6 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 walnut & iron

a dark warm brown with a yellow undertone

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 3/17/19-1 3 tops: 4.3 4.3 4.3 ounces

BFL/Tussah 85/15 cochineal, fustic & madder BFL is Blue Faced Leicester and Tussah is a silk, so this is a painted wool/silk blend.

was $9.50/oz now $7.50/oz

T-4519-2 SOLD OUT

Superfine Merino 80s 2nd bath weld & madder root was $9.75/oz nor $7.50/oz

Mottled fiery red. The last one!

T 7429-1 1 top: 4.2 ounces SOLD OUT

Merino cutch, walnut & fustic Micron count is unknown, but the merino is deliciously soft. was $9/oz now $7.50/oz

T 4207-3 SOLD OUT

Merino/Bombyx 50/50 cochineal insect

This fuchsia is not the same as Lisa Souza's, first row, but it still glows!

was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 21628-1 SOLD OUT

Brown yak/Silk 50/50 2nd bath cochineal

Pale pink over a dark silver. Just one left!

was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 91413-3 SOLD OUT

White yak/Silk 50/50 dyer's coreopsis & indigo

The fiber is a little fuzzy but it will draft out smoothly. It is Lisa Souza's, which means it's the best you can buy.

was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 9219-2 2 tops: 3.7 4.0 ounces

Merino/Bombyx 50/50 2nd bath cochineal

was $11/oz now $7.50/oz

T 8165-3 1 top: 4.1 ounces

Merino 19.5 microns indigo

was $9.50 now $7.50

T 83119-1 SOLD OUT

Merino/Tussah 80/20 cochineal insect was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

T 4197-1 top: 4.0 ounces

Now come a few Sock Blanks (SB) and Sock Yarns (SY). They are all hard wearing and will do your feet proud. They also knit up into cute sweaters for kiddos. I recommend washing by hand and letting air dry.

All are:

  • Superwash merino/nylon 80/20

  • fingering weight

  • 4 ounces (115 grams)

  • approx. 435 yards

  • $7.50/oz = $30 each

SB 01 cochineal & indigo

SB 02 cochineal & indigo

SB 03 SOLD cochineal & indigo

SB 04 weld & indigo

SB 05 cochineal & indigo

SY 101 SOLD indigo speckled with cochineal, madder & Osage orange

SY 102 madder speckled with cochineal, iron & walnut

SY 103 Osage orange & indigo speckled with cochineal & madder

And now the batts!

Most of our batts are a blend of multiple fibers and colors. They are great fun to card on our beloved ol' Patrick Green Supercard, but--even better--they are a dream to spin.

I try to card one pound (about 8 batts) of any one color blend, but since each batt can be purchased separately, I often end up with leftovers. So what do you do with a few ounces of fiber? Why, combine it with another color, of course! Either that, or spin very fine or think of little projects like mittens or hats or something for a newborn baby.

I will be carding more batts as the new approaches, so do keep checking back.

BFL + Merino/Tussah 80/20 marigold, myrobalan, Osage orange , indigo

4 shades of green in stripes Very dramatic! Expect some crocking that will wash out when you set your finished yarn.

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

B 5178-1 2 batts: 1.8 2.0 ounces

Upon request I can card more of this blend.

Superfine Merino/Angora/Silk + BFL + Alpaca madder & cochineal

Red-orange streaked with the natural brown of Suri alpaca

was $10.25/oz now $7.50/oz

B 5524 2 batts: 2.1 2.2 ounces SOLD OUT

BFL + BF/Tussah logwood, pomegranate, myrobalan, 4th bath cochineal

The logwood purple may crock a bit while you're spinning. It will wash out when you set your finished yarn.

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

B 93019-1 1 batt: 2.0 ounces

Merino/Wensleydale/Cormo/ Lincoln X Osage orange and weld, 1st & 2nd baths

I find it charming when this particular yellow makes its way to becoming felted baby chicks.

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

B 10119-2 4 batts: 1.8 2.0 2.0 2.0 ounces

Mystery wool (fine micron count) + Suri Alpaca comfrey & natural black and mahogany

was $8/oz now $7.50/oz

B 101418-1 2 batts: 2.1 2.2 ounces

Targhee + mixed wools + natural grey mohair cochineal insect

This would be most dramatic if plied with a black single.

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

B 92819-1 SOLD OUT

Targhee + Merino + mixed wools + Bombyx silk cochineal & indigo

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

B 92919-1 3 batts: 2.0 2.0 2.0 ounces


Merino + Merino/Wensleydale/Cormo/ Lincoln X Osage orange, weld, marigold & indigo

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

B 10219-1 2 batts: 1.6 1.8 ounces

Targhee + BFL + Merino + other wools + Bombyx silk cochineal, madder & indigo

was $10/oz now $7.50/oz

B 548-3 1 batt: 1.9 ounces

I think the three batts in this row would make a gorgeous yarn if spun in strips together. Maybe introduce a solid color (like a fiery red, a soft grey or even a purple?) to tie the 3 blends together plus increase your yardage.

BFL + Mohair lock weld, cochineal & madder

was $9/oz now $7.50/oz

B 8163-1 1 batt: 1.6 ounces

60% Mixed wools + 40% Mohair lock onion skins, madder, marigold

was $10/oz now $7.50 ounce

B 9287-1 1 batt: 2.0 ounces

Merino/Tussah 80/20 3rd bath madder & indigo

Think of a stormy ocean....

was $10.50/oz now $7.50 oz

B 10119-1 SOLD OUT

Merino/Bombyx + Superfine Merino + mixed wools cochineal & madder

was $10.50/oz now $7.50/oz

B 93019-1 3 batts: 2.0 2.0 2.1 ounces

That's all the batts for now, but I will be carding a lot more this fall and winter. Please check back in, say, February 2023. Or follow us on Instagram as more batts come off the carder.