Dreamy Goat Design Studio

Thank you, Sandi Young of Buckeye Farm, for letting us show off one of your many beautiful angora goats. How can you not love a face like that?

all naturally dyed luxury fibers for the hand spinner

hand- and mill-spun yarns, all naturally dyed, of course

instructional handbook & videos for the beginning dyer

one of a kind silver jewelry

surfboards shaped to order (believe it or not)

Why the name "Dreamy Goat"?

Because the poem speaks to us...& so do goats.

No, we don't own any goats but we sure do love 'em.

The Lame and Dreamy Goat

You've seen a herd of goats going down to the water.

The lame and dreamy goat brings up the rear.

There are worried faces about that one, but now they're laughing

because, look, as they return, the goat is leading!

There are many different kinds of knowing.

The lame goat's kind is a branch that traces back to the roots of presence.

Learn from the lame goat, and lead the herd home.

Jelaluddin Rumi (1207 - 1273), mystical Sufi poet