Current research

  • Large scale UAV Swarm Sensing and Communication System Design for military and commercial applications

  • Intelligent IoT sensing and communication Designs for Health monitoring (Animal and Human) and Smart City Applications (including Infrastructure Design and Monitoring)

  • V2X/Network Assisted Automomous/Semi-Autonomous System Design

  • Machine intelligence (learning) techniques for 5G and beyond wireless network

  • Overall design and challenges of 5G Network and IoT

  • Massive MIMO: Channel estimation, pilot design, distributed (centralized) beamforming

  • mmWave MIMO: Hybrid beamforming, Limited RF chain mmWave design

  • Low cost orthogonal faster than Nyquist enabled signaling (waveform) design for future generation network with MIMO and massive MIMO

  • Physical layer for IoT communication

  • Integration of Machine intelligence including data analytics techniques in physical and higher layers of 5G and IoT communication

Past research

  • Beamforming design for MIMO system

  • Distributed transceiver design for CoMP MIMO system

  • Cognitive radio techniques: Spectrum sensing and sharing