Mattress Removal



Mattress removal is one of Dr Junks most common calls.

Dr Junk removes any size mattress at affordable prices.

We hate to see mattresses filling our landfills every day.

Most mattresses have a frame of metal springs inside the fabric.

Whenever possible Dr Junk will remove the fabric liner leaving a metal frame that we can recycle.

Recycle, Reuse, Donate. That's a common goal here at Dr Junk

These days its important to know if a mattress has bedbugs. .

The last thing Dr Junk wants to do is to spread these nasty bugs.

If we suspect bedbugs we wrap the mattress and box spring in plastic so it can be disposed of correctly.

Its our responsibility!!

Mattress removal takes Dr Junk just minutes to do.

Dr Junk makes it fast and easy to get rid of that old mattress.

If you need a mattress removed give Dr Junk a call today.

We appreciate your business.