• Assessing and treating your social and/or emotional status.
  • Helping you learn to cope with mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and/ or significant life stressors such as change in job, status, health, etc...
  • Treating and reducing symptoms of Combat Operational Stress (COS) or anxiety conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Providing education, support and counseling for bereavement.
  • Increasing your ability to cope with, and adjust to, chronic, traumatic or congenital injuries or illnesses that may result in a wide variety of physical, sensory, neurocognitive, emotional, and/or developmental disabilities.
  • Forming a diagnosis.
  • Assessing your educational, adaptive, intellectual and/or cognitive abilities.
  • Guiding treatment for your personal, educational or vocational needs.
  • Defining your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Making relevant recommendations to your health care provider(s).
  • Documenting possible changes in your functioning over time.
  • Learning to adjust and develop ways to cope with chronic pain or changes in life circumstances.
  • Increasing function and reducing disability, activity limitations, and societal participation restrictions.
  • Helping to improve sleep hygiene and reduce insomnia.
  • Explore environmental barriers and the means to address these barriers including accommodations/adaptations in existing structures or materials, the use of assistive technology, and the use of personal assistance services.
  • Helping providers develop action plans for psychological issues, reducing impact of psychological injury, increasing resilience and promoting prevention and compliance with medical recommendations.

Just to name a few...


Psychodiagnostic interview. Psychotherapy. Support. Education. Psychological and neuropsychological assessment. Consultation. Relaxation training. Cognitive rehabilitation. Biofeedback. Relationship counseling. Communication strategies. Skill Building. Life coaching. Stress Management. Screenings. Goal Development. Public Speaking. Interviewing Techniques.


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