Overview & Resources

Welcome to Week Two!

In this module, you will explore how solutions to social problems come from a collective mindset fostered through strategic alliances and partnerships. Our primary tool suite this week includes assessment of core capabilities, strategy mapping, organizational network analysis methods and human centered design.

You can find the primary PowerPoint resource for the module HERE

Review the Module Objectives HERE

Lectures, discussions, case study analyses, simulations, and a special group project are all incorporated into this week exploring effective partnering and collaborative innovation networks. This module is structured for you to gain proficiency in using a broad range of resources and tools that promote effective partnerships, with an emphasis on systems thinking, strategy development, knowledge networking and innovation.

In addition to skills-building lectures and working sessions, students will participate in week-long strategic partnership simulation. The seminar will draw upon current research in nonprofit management, development administration and business management. Presentations for the week can be found here and again in each wiki day-page.

Note: Friday is dedicated to group work and PP presentations

Deliverables for this week include the following:

  1. Core competency map with adjacencies for your assigned organization
  2. Strategy Canvas to accompany your competency map
  3. A final group presentation

About the instructor: ebloom@rootchange.org

Evan Bloom is founder and managing partner of Root Change, an international non profit which helps social innovators scale up enduring solutions to social and economic problems by launching and supporting pattern-breaking social enterprises that advance new ways of connecting people, organizing efforts, and promoting open innovation.

Before founding Root Change, Evan Bloom served as the Vice President for Capacity Building at Pact, Inc. His duties included setting strategic directions for Pact’s organizational strengthening initiatives and projects, developing new capacity building technologies and researching new pathways to higher nonprofit performance. During his 13- year tenure at Pact, Evan authored one of the most widely used capacity diagnostic tools in international development, co-founded the Impact Alliance www.impactalliance.org, a global action network committed to strengthening the capacity of individuals and organizations to generate deep impact, and founded the Capacity Building Services Group (CBSG). CBSG was the first global nonprofit management consulting and advisory group launched and directed from within a major US international nonprofit development agency, providing organizational capacity building technical assistance and advisory services to local organizations, multi and bilateral agencies, and NGO networks in 35 countries.

Required readings:

From the Harvard Business Review (Electronic copies will be provided)

Connect and Develop: Inside Procter & Gamble’s New Model for Innovation

The Innovation Value Chain

Disruptive Innovation for Social Change

Secrets of Great Change Agents

How to build your network

How Breakthrough Happen by Andrew Hargadon (Summary available as PDF Here)

Download the Facilitation Playbook Here