The Adventures of Kusha and Lava

This website is dedicated to the retelling of Indian Epic stories. I am taking a class over these Epics and I wanted to mesh some of the fairy tales of the area with influences from Rama and his sons Kusha and Lavaj in the Ramayana.

Some of the stories that you will see here are influenced by the Ramayana, and all are told from the perspective of Rama telling a story to his two sons. Other stories are also influenced by fairy tales. Sometimes there is a mix of both the Ramayana and a fairy tale in the story, and there is always a twist added from the original story. I always change something up, but I usually like to keep the names of the characters the same so that my readers can go back to the original story and see which characters and parts of the story inspired me. I hope you enjoy the stories and look back at the originals to see what is different! I will have links to all of my sources in my citations for each story.