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Meet ADELAIDE JULIETTE! This happy wiggle butt is almost impossible to get a good picture of l unless I can catch her either not paying attention to me or doing so while she sits nicely knowing a treat awaits her. :) We are still working with Adelaide's basic training, but she is progressing nicely! For not having a whole lot of structure, she is still very well behaved! Adelaide is also super loving. She can be a bit mouthy when she gets super excited, but she is still very much a puppy and has come quite a way with us working with her to be nowhere near as mouthy as she was a couple months ago. :) Adelaide is available to foster with someone who understands they would be working with her to help her advance in her training. We would like to see her a little more solid in her foundation before we make her available for adoption. She listens very well and is eager to learn, love, and see that she makes you happy. If interested in fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet ALBERT ISAAC, our happy, well-mannered boy! He is 6 years old, good with dogs, and loves kids. He is unknown with cats. Albert has come a long way since being rescued from a small, rural shelter and has been heart worm negative, thanks to RADAR helping us with his treatment when we first rescued him! Albert is such a well-behaved boy. He is dog friendly, always showing proper etiquette and response, and is always loose and wiggly. Albert is a people pleaser and has shown nothing but love and happiness. He is such a happy, loving boy! He is gentle with everything he does, even in his play and loves to lie next to you for snuggles or simply just to be close! He does wonderfully on leash and is crate and house trained too! To foster or adopt Albert, please email Dogs of Destiny at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet BRIDGETTE RHIANNON! This little wiggle butt is easiest to catch a photo of if she is anticipating dinner! :) Bridgette came to us as an extremely urgent case from the shelter. For her safety, due to the cruelty case/investigation, she needed to get out of the shelter ASAP. Bridgette is a happy-go-lucky girl, and you'd never know she has been through some pretty hard times if she didn't have the marks on her body to prove it. She is very good in the house and in her crate and makes for a wonderful snuggler. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Calvin is not yet available for adoption, but we are working with him to overcome his nervousness around people from having been severely abused.

Meet CHLOE!!! There just aren't enough nice things to be able to describe this sweetheart of a gal! Chloe is very gentle when taking food and giving kisses. While she likes to romp around in the yard, she doesn't necessarily have any particular type of a game she likes to play, and she does check in with you for pets and praise while romping about. She can be very nervous/on guard when meeting or seeing people wearing hats, so it is best to ensure people she meets are not wearing them. She can also be reactive at the vet's office/strange places toward other dogs she doesn't know. This could be in part because Chloe was in and out of vet's offices and back and forth to specialists when we determined she had cancer. She had surgery to remove the cancer and has been cancer free for over a year now! Along with her regular check ups, she needs to be checked to ensure she is staying cancer free. She is a very sweet girl and she has a sassy "talking" side too, and she will bark at you to let you know you aren't moving fast enough to give her meals or her treats, so you've got to be on top of that stuff! :) CHLOE wasn't very socially appropriate with other dogs while she was at the shelter. While at the shelter, she would do okay with other dogs until she became overly excited or overly stimulated and then would mount them. Once she did, she wouldn't really respond to any correction another dog would give her to let them know they didn't like being mounted. Since she has been here, she has been doing very well with her baby gate interactions and her on leash interactions. We have also seen a significant decline in her trying to mount the dogs she interacts with! She is doing very well! Chloe is very well behaved in the house when left alone and also does very well in a crate. She takes a little while to fully open up to you and show you her goofball side and her snuggly side, but once she does, the full spectrum of her sweetness really shines through! If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet DALIA PIXIE! She is a 5-year-old female bulldog mix. Instant heartthrob Dalia Pixie is simply stunning. She is a gorgeous girl, but even better, she is as loyal as the day is long. She is an attentive and affectionate girl, and her sloppy kisses are to die for. Dalia Pixie looks to her person for direction and guidance and wants to make you happy. She has done well with other dogs here with proper and gradual introductions and also has been good around kids of all ages. She is a big girl at around 85 pounds, but she takes treats very gently. She loves activities that have her interacting with her person like agility! She also makes a great cuddler. Dalia is crate trained and does well when left to have free reign of the house. To foster or adopt Dalia Pixie, please email Dogs of Destiny at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet DUNCAN CHRISTOPHER!! This super sweet guy is around 6 years old. He is very mid mannered but still loves to have fun! His play energy is low but peppy, and he loves his snuggle time and his peanut butter kongs. Duncan has been through numerous tests to find out what the issue causing his excessive urination and drinking is, but we have not been able to determine a cause. He is healthy all-around though! And all other issues we have had during his testing cycle have been eliminated and seemingly self-corrected. Duncan will need someone understanding of him having accidents because of this condition, but he does very well in his crate and will use pee pads. He receives weekly B12 injections and is also on a cranberry with d-mannose supplement that would need to continue in his foster or forever home. Duncan walks very well on leash and has done very well with people of all ages and other dogs! He is unknown with cats. If interested in giving Duncan a loving home, email at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet EMMA LYNN! This lady is just as smart as she is sweet! She knows the freezer has her Kong in it, and she will be just as behaved as she needs to be to get it! :) Emma is amazing to walk on leash (she loves her backpack) and will try to chase squirrels and such that she sees. Emma doesn't do well when people surprise her. She can become very barky when someone turns a corner unexpectedly and she is and she is right there. She does it out of fear but will warm up if you give her a chance (and if you have some treats). After that, she is all about the pets and love. We do realize it could be intimidating for some, and we want to make sure she is in a home that is savvy, patient, and most of all, loving because Emma is a great dog! Treats are the easiest way to ensure a lifetime spot in her heart! :) She is with other dogs but can be selective and unknown with cats. She is house and crate trained. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet Gavin Theodore! Gavin ended up being seized in a county that didn’t allow bully breed types, so he was only allowed to be saved by a rescue at the shelter he found himself in. Gavin is currently not neutered and we will need to get him neutered prior to any custody transfer for adoption. He is a very good boy with a lot of playful "puppy" energy but is super smart and listens very well to redirection/calming directions. He has done well with other dogs here at the rescue. He is a super sweet dude with the most beautiful green eyes. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet HUEY!! You may remember this cutie patootie. He was originally seized by animal control after his family, who had neglected and abused him, treating him so much like a lawn ornament, left him chained in the yard when they moved away. Huey has been doing just wonderfully here at rescue! He is one of our RADAR dogs and has been through his heartworm treatment thanks to them! Huey is also deaf. We've been working with him on not being so mouthy when he interacts with people, as well as trusting us that he won't be hurt when he comes to us. He has made such wonderful progress and actually now approaches you to be loved on and to get treats!! He has been doing very well with his dog interactions but in unknown with cats. We are so happy Huey is learning to "dog!” While we work with Huey on his mouthing, he is currently only available to foster (we will consider adoption to a family experienced and understanding of the work they will need to continue with him and/or a foster to adopt situation under the same pretense). If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at Please also keep in mind that Huey is deaf, so working with him is a little different! A contractual agreement of working with our behavior consultant for a minimum of 5 visits will be required.

MEET MADISON EVA! This little bitty lady is as bubbly as they come! Madison is very sweet and loving, and she loves to play a combination of fetch and tug. Madison needs a patient person. She was not treated very well by her previous owners and can scare easily. Because of this, she does nervous pee during those times. She is good in her crate but would need some work with house training her. She is good in the house as far as not chewing on things but does have the occasional accident when left out on her own in the house. She is perfectly content snuggled up to you while on the couch and will insist on being close enough to be touching. For all her energy, she does rather well on leash and listens very well. Madison can be nervous around dogs she doesn’t know and tends to be selective about the ones she likes but she has come a long way since we first rescued her. Even though she can tolerate others on leash and in passing, Madison needs to be the only pet in the home. She loves kids of all ages! :) To adopt or foster Madison please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet MARLEY MAE! Our little munchkin loves to play ball and even likes to mix it up and play catch with a rope toy or enjoy some tug o' war in between the running around. Marley is a super sweet little lady who knows her basic training and is house and crate trained. She is good with kids but unknown with cats. Marley tends to be dog selective and would really enjoy having you all to herself. She would give you plenty of unconditional love and fun. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet MARYANNE ELISE!! This little lady isn't letting the grey skies bum her out! She had a blast with her play time and checks in pretty regularly to get some loving in between her victory laps after getting her toy.:) Maryanne is a wiggly package of goofball love. She is eager to learn, and we are working on teaching her basic training commands. She does very well in her crate and in the house; she just needs someone to be patient with her while she learns her basics, as she has never had any real attention or love before ending up at the shelter and then being rescued, so she is starting from puppy square one at her age, but she is coming along nicely! :) Maryanne is available to foster or adopt. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Mason Timothy

This dog is not currently available. Meet Mason Timothy! Mason is the cutest boy! Don't let his size fool you–he is a big baby and has the "little" bark to prove it! :) Mason found himself at a shelter, like Garrett, being very thin and in need of a lot of vetting to get him healthy! He is a happy, healthy boy now and is learning that he will be able to get (and eat) his food and treats every day and that no one is going to take them from him and leave him to go hungry. He has come a long way since we rescued him but still can guard his food (mostly it is just high value treats now like his peanut butter), so we are continuing to work with Mason before we will allow him to be adopted. He has never been aggressive or mean when he guards his food; he just doesn't want you taking it. We also respect Mason's boundaries and believe that is why he has come so far in this issue. Mason also needs to be neutered prior to any adoption, and we would be sure to get him in for that. Mason is a bit "pulley" on leash and can be a little hand shy at times, but he is a super loving boy and he even has a wonderful playful side. He does very well in his crate and needs time to adjust in the house. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Meet NIGEL HARRISON!! We rescued this cutie patootie when the rescue he was with decided he had been with them too long, and they were going to put him down. From what we were told, he was in foster and the same decision had been made. A volunteer group stepped up and found him an adopter. The adopter decided she didn't want him anymore (apparently you can't teach a mostly deaf dog sign language, and she was disappointed that he wasn't totally deaf). Once again he was at risk of being put down since his rescue didn't want him back. They were once again scheduling him for euthanization. The volunteer group that thought they had saved him once before sent us an urgent plea for his life...and we answered. Nigel is super sweet and is a very young 7 years old! Nigel is hard of hearing but not deaf, and he is learning sign language regardless and is very well behaved! He also has food allergies so must be kept away from chicken or beef. His skin is very sensitive, and in the summer, he may break out in a hot spot and needs to get baths with a shampoo that is good for his skin (something with neem or tea tree oil in it...or even with ketoconazole). He can be a bit mouthy when he plays or tries to get your attention, so older children are recommended. He does well in his crate and has done very well in the house especially considering he had lived a good portion of his life outside only. This guy loves his peanut butter and loves his kisses! Nigel is available to foster or adopt. He has done well with other dogs he has Interacted with here. If interested in adopting or fostering this super sweet, handsome guy please email us at or fill out an application via our website at

Meet Tabitha Christine! Tabitha is a sweet little pint sized gal that ended up dumped in a high kill shelter because her owner was unable to make money off of her since she wasn't getting pregnant from their attempts at breeding her. That's fine by us! Tabitha is a sweet, playful gal who loves to hang out with her people. She has also done well around other dogs. Tabitha can be overwhelmed at big events/crowds and/or just with a lot of commotion going on, so she would do best in a home with older children but has done well with children of all ages during our outings. If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

Winston Frederick- currently in foster-to-adopt program

Meet Winston Frederick! Don’t let his 8-year-old and greying face fool you—this old man has plenty of spunk in him still! Winston loves playing with the water from the hose and will give a cat a good chase, so NO CATS for him! He does very well with other dogs and is currently being fostered with two! One about the same size as him and another small dog. He has been the perfect house guest and has had no accidents while in his foster home and even lets his foster mom know when he needs to go out. He has been neutered and is ready for his forever home! He takes medications well when hidden in food (he was on an antibiotic following his neuter--that’s how we know)! He also LOVES to be around kids! If interested in adopting or fostering this distinguished gentleman, please email us at for more info or fill out an application at