How Can I Help?

Watch for opportunities!

Our most up to date happenings are advertised on our facebook page. To volunteer at events, do not hesitate to reach out to our page, or any of our board members. We have made it clear from the start that we intend to work closely with other local nonprofits. Our goals are to create a sense of community, reach out to those that simply need a hand, encourage volunteerism, and serve our underprivileged populations.. No matter how that looks.

Hot Tamale Catering, Peace Tree Brewing Des Moines, Hard to Love, Team Truth Stands, and Hawthorn Hill New Directions Shelter are some of the other local businesses that we have collaborated with. We would love to add your business' name to our list!

Financial Contribution

We currently bank at West Bank. If you wish to contribute financially toward our mission of spreading all things good, please make contributions out to "Do Good Des Moines". Contributions can be made via cash or check at any West Bank location. While we ARE legally established as a non profit incorporation with the Secretary of State in Iowa, we have yet to gain our 501c(3) status with the IRS.

WHAT THIS MEANS: We are able to graciously accept donations from anyone, but they will not yet be tax deductible as charitable contributions, and we want our supporters to be aware of this. Transparency is key to any successful venture.

If you have a business, whether small, large or anywhere in between.. We will offer advertisements and partnerships for your contribution. Such contributions can be written off on your business' taxes as marketing expenses.

We would LOVE to work with you and your business on a project!

Volunteer with Us!

Opportunities are always available within our organization. We would love to add committed leaders to our organization, as well as volunteers. Depending which software application you use to open these documents, your formatting may look differently than intended. We are an organization based on extending grace and love, and we always appreciate it in return.. even if our paperwork turns out silly!