How Can I Help?

Want to invite me to speak at your library? In your classroom? At your conference? I can get you, your staff, peers, or general members of your community excited and energized about education, reading, and books! I've spent years learning and sharing with others about all kinds of emerging topics in books for young readers, the culture of book awards, and LGBTQ education.

Speaking & Workshop Topics

  • The New and the Now in Children's and Young Adult Literature

  • Whose Book is it Anyway?

  • The Culture of Book Awards and the Problem of the Canon

  • Sex Education and Literature for Youth

  • Alphabet Soup: Gender, Sexuality, and Representation in Books for Young Readers

  • So, you want to use LGBTQ picture books in your classroom?

  • Incorporating YA Fiction into Classrooms and Libraries

  • Centring #OwnVoices Authors in Collections and Curricula

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Northern Lights College (Traveling Speaker Series)

Oregon Library Association Workshop (March 2019)

Washington State Libraries Workshop Series (December 2019)

CANSCAIP Webinar on Writing LGBTQ+ Characters (July 2020)

SDCOE Professional Development (Resources for LGBTQ+ youth, K-12) (May 2021)

Speaking Fees & Planning

If you're interested in booking me for your conference or event, please get in touch via email.

Conference Presentations

  • “Silencing Trans/Queer Voices in YA Publishing: Heteronormativity’s Impact on LGBTQ #OwnVoices Authors and Representation.” International Research Society in Children’s Literature Biannual Congress. Stockholm, Sweden. 15 August 2019.

  • “’…too diverse for me!’: Multi-marginality in LGBTQ Literature Featuring Characters with Disabilities.” International Research Society in Children’s Literature Biannual Congress. York University, Toronto, ON. 31 July 2017.

  • “We Need Diverse Books and More: Capturing the Experience of Intersectional Identities.” American Library Association Annual Convention. Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. 25 June 2016.

  • “Arousal Is Not Consent: Examining Portrayals of Sexual Abuse in Althea & Oliver and Live Through This.” IBBY International Congress. Auckland, NZ. August 2016.

  • “Breaking the Mould: How Graphic Novels are Re-Shaping the Landscape of Literature Awards.” Children’s Literature Association Conference. Columbus, OH. June 2016.

  • “Storytelling and the Process of Becoming in Teen Memoir.” International Research Society on Children’s Literature. University of Worcester, Worcester, UK. August 2015. Paper Presentation.

  • “Reading Against the Gay: How Trans* Characters (Don’t) Fracture LGBT Fiction(s).” The Child and the Book. University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal. 28 March 2015. Paper Presentation.

  • “Bio-boys and Picturebooks: Examining the Proliferation of Biological Males in Children’s Picturebooks with Transgender Themes.” Fun With Dick and Jane. University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN. 7 Dec. 2014. Paper Presentation.

  • “Falling Short of ‘Everyone’: Politics of Recognition and Multi-Marginality in Literature for Youth.” QGrad Conference 2014. University of California, Los Angeles, CA. 17 Oct. 2014. Paper Presentation.

  • Naidoo, J., and Bittner, R. “Gay Kings, Lesbian Warriors, and Trans Lions: Exploring Inclusions and Exclusions in Queer Children’s and Young Adult Literature.” IBBY International Congress. Mexico City, Mexico. September 2014. Paper Presentation.

  • “Being Queer: Examining the Possibility of Just Happening to be Gay in Young Adult Literature.” Children’s Literature Association Conference. Columbia, SC. 19 June 2014. Paper Presentation.

  • "'I can see me!': Emerging Genders in Literature for Young People." Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Victoria, Victoria, BC. 4 June 2013. Paper Presentation.

  • “Hey, I Still Can't See Myself! The Absence of Two-Spirit as a Category and Identity in YA Literature.” American Association of Geographers Conference 2013. Los Angeles, CA. 10 April 2013. Paper Presentation.

  • “‘I'm Just Human!’ Twenty-First Century Young Adult Bodies as Sites of Binary Gender Rebellion.” Children’s Literature Association Conference. Simmons College, Boston, MA. 14 June 2012. Paper Presentation.

  • “‘Why Can’t I Wear a Dress?’ Perceived Homosexuality and Non-Normative Gender Performances in Books for Children.” Stranger in a Strange Land: Graduate Student Research Conference on Young People’s Materials and Culture. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. 28 April 2012. Paper Presentation.

  • Bittner, R, and Eric Meyers. "Unnatural Habitats? Sustainability Literacy in Children’s Virtual Worlds." American Educational Research Association Conference. Vancouver, BC. 16 April 2012. Roundtable Discussion.

  • “Deviant Sex in the Classroom: Mapping the Landscapes of Non-Normative Sexualities in North American Sex Education.” Queer U. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. 15 Feb. 2012. Paper Presentation.

  • “Self-Reconstruction: Youth Agency and the New Reality of YA Problem Novels.” Modern Language Association Conference. Washington State Conference Center, Seattle, WA. 6 Jan. 2012. Paper Presentation.

  • “Queering Sex-Ed: YA Novels with LGBTQ Content as Alternative Sources of Sex and Sexuality Education.” Children’s Literature Association Conference. Hollins University, Roanoke, VA. 23 June 2011. Paper Presentation.

  • “Sex and Sexuality Education in Queer YA Novels.” SLAIS 50th Anniversary. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. 30 April 2011. Poster Presentation.

  • “Hazardous when mixed? Exploring the intersection of religion and homosexuality in 21st-century young adult literature.” Southwest Texas Popular Culture and American Cultural Association Conference. Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, NM. 11 Feb. 2010. Paper Presentation.