About Me

Hello! My name is Rob Bittner, and I am a researcher of LGBTQ literature for teens, as well as transgender and genderqueer teen reading habits, particularly reactions to trans and queer representation. I bring my knowledge of queer and trans subjects to discussions at events, to presentations at conferences, and to reviews of books. I have read manuscripts and given feedback on books before publication, which is really neat and which I see as an extension of my research.

Following my BA at Simon Fraser University (2009), I attended the University of British Columbia, where I completed an MA in Children’s Literature in 2011. Later, I returned to SFU to continue my work on gender and sexuality for my doctoral degree.

Teaching introductory courses in children’s literature is incredibly rewarding, seeing adults come to the realization of how books are so much more than just words and pictures, but are introductions to entirely new ways of thinking and being. I love working with teachers and librarians to help keep them in the loop when it comes to the most current literature for children and youth.

Considering my work on award committees and my access to advance reading copies of books, I feel I am in a very strong position to help others keep abreast of the newest and best in literature for young readers.

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