Mobile Checklist


Cellphone Plan

  • Monthly Fee:
    • Data (2Gb a month - would reach limit a couple days before often, 3Gb a month - would reach warning at end of month sometimes, 6Gb a month no warnings yet). Highest data usage would be Chrome (web browsing), Facebook
    • Calls (less than an hour a month)
    • Text (less than 100 a month)
    • International (e.g. Canada) Data, Calls, Text
    • Voicemail


  • Update the OS
  • SIM card (size)
  • Compatible Network
    • Network Settings (APN)
    • Register SIM card (Fido)
    • Register Phone IMEI (MetroPCS)
  • Wifi network passwords/Connecting



  • Increase font size

Fire 10 HD (2017)


Android can let you pull the apps from a previous device, but only from older versions of Android - for example, my new Moto G5 Plus is running (Android 7.0) so it can't pull my Asus Zenfone 3 Laser (Android 7.1) backup from the cloud.


  • MS Office: OneNote, Word, Excel
  • Google Docs: Keep, Docs, Sheets
  • Keyboard: Minuum
  • E-mail: Inbox, Gmail


  • Google Maps
    • Offline Maps of home region
  • Taxi: Uber, Lyft
  • RideShare: Car2go, Zipcar
  • Transit: Transit (bus times), RideKC (local transit)

Cellphone Settings App

  • myMetro (MetroPCS), Fido My Account (Fido), myRogers (Rogers)


  • Music: Spotify, Google Play Music
  • Movies: Netflix, Youtube
  • Reading: Google Play Books, Marvel Unlimited (Comics), Feedly (RSS), Bible


  • Facebook
  • Chat: Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype


  • Pokemon Go (a good benchmark for phone performance)
  • Boardgames: Onirim, Race for the Galaxy, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Ascension

App Stores

  • Humble, Amazon, Play Store