How do I sign my child up for classes?

Contact our Director, Andi Garbarino through email here, or fill out our online form here.

How much do lessons cost?

All lessons and classes are free to students. We ask for a semester materials fee of $20, however we have scholarships available to all students who need them to cover this fee.

How are you able to offer free lessons to everyone?

De La Fuente Fine Arts is a ministry of Missio Dei Anglican Church. We are funded entirely by a generous team of supporters who share our vision and passion to give all children access to fine arts education, as well as the longing for all people to experience the beauty and truth of the Gospel through creativity and be invited into the full life of the church. Our ministry has been blessed to receive a matching grant through the Matthew 25 Initiative, this means every financial gift to DLF is matched by Matthew25i. If you share our vision and passion, would you consider joining our support team?

Do you take donations? I think I have an old instrument around here somewhere...

DLF absolutely takes material donations! We are in great need of ukuleles, guitars and keyboards. De La Fuente is also excited to offer early childhood music classes in which small children are able to explore world instruments and orchestral instruments. We are always seeking to add to our instrument collection for these classes and would welcome your donations of stringed instruments, brass, woodwinds and percussion. We do not typically accept piano donations unless they are of exceptional quality or condition.

What about art supplies?

DLF absolutely takes material donations! We are in great need of water color paper, sulfite paper and other media supplies--sharpies, markers, watercolors, clay and more. We do ask for unused material donations of art supplies, except in the cases of larger equipment for ceramics and clay or fine brushes.

Can I volunteer? I'm not an artist or musician though...

Yes, yes and yes. We need help in all shapes and forms at DLF--from people who love to hang out with families, play on social media (not at the same time!) take pictures, write, and more. Contact our director, Andi Garbarino-Fry here.

I'd love to help...and I'm a teacher, artist or musician (or I will be when I graduate soon!)

Okay, we realize that isn't a question--but the answer is still absolutely yes! We are overwhelmed with the response from our community and more amazing teachers like you mean more students are able to join us! If you're interested in volunteering your time in service to our ministry, please contact our director, Andi Garbarino-Fry, here. We also have internships available, and if you are willing to raise your own support, let us know.

What De La Fuente mean, anyway?

De La Fuente translates to mean "From the well," or "From the source," in Spanish. It was inspired by our belief that all of our creative gifts come from our creator God, and our desire to see all children and families come to know Him in the full life of the church.