Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision:

The young people of the East End are not unlike young people in any neighborhood: They are looking to have fun, make friends and figure out who they are. Also, their parents aren't that different from parents in your neighborhood either: They are looking for their kids to grow up successful, confident, and happy. The thing that's different about the East End is need. Schools in the East End report that anywhere between 85-100% of their students are considered economically disadvantaged. That doesn't leave much cash in household budgets for activities like art class or piano lessons after rent and bills are paid.

Because students need a place to grow their artistic skills and express themselves and figure out who they are and why they are here, we want to join them them as they transform and grow. De La Fuente Fine Arts is a ministry of Mission Dei Anglican Church providing free mentoring for the children of the East End through music and art lessons.

Research proves that fine arts education is associated with enhanced language and learning skills, increased confidence and more. De La Fuente is more than teaching piano and painting to these kids, but mentoring them in weekly one-on-one relationships that ultimately point them to Christ. Imagine partnering with a fine arts program that not only gathers children to create music and art for enjoyment and making friends, but ultimately walks alongside them as they seek their true identity in Jesus. This is what is happening at De La Fuente Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.