I have been teaching for over twenty years integrating technology into the learning environment. I did this integrating in order to extend my student’s learning and my colleagues teaching. I believe that when the focus is on the learning first and the technology second all members of the organization benefit. I currently am a Digital Learning Coordinator at a school in Durham, NC USA. As a teacher, I understand the culture of schools and work hard to make connections in my training to learning, efficiency, and change management while addressing all constituencies in a safe and active learning environment.

As a Google Workspace for Education Certified Trainer, I can provide training on the entire Google Workspace for Education along with setup and best practices for success. I can provide virtual sessions to get your team started or onsite personalized sessions that meet the needs of your organization. If your school or nonprofit is looking at deploying Google Workspace for Education or have used Google Workspace for Education for a few years with limited success, I can help with your implementation or adoption issues.

Having helped to successfully implement a 1:1 iPad learning program, I can help your school deploy student mobile learning devices. In fact, our school was recently recognized as an Apple Distinguished School because of our program's effectiveness. I can help your school achieve similar success using Google Workspace for Education and mobile devices. As you know adding a mobile learning device to Google Workspace for Education is best done with a plan. Making a purchase of devices is the first step, I can help with the next steps and the transitions needed to harness the transformational power that digital learning offers.

In many respects I started working towards becoming a GET in 2008 as I worked to bring Google Workspace for Education to my school. I knew they were the tools we needed to support our learning community. It has transformed the learning community and myself in the process. While my work started in 2008, it was not until 2010 that we adopted Google Workspace for Education. Since that day I have used Google Workspace for Education as my go to resource and creation location. I live in the Googleverse and promote it with my colleagues and students.