Open Letter to the New Orleans Museum of Art

June 24, 2020

As we continue to protest the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others, the moment has arrived to demand real change for our communities. To effectively do so, we must expose an institution's racism and hypocrisy. Not only is there a recently installed plantation exhibition on display at the museum, but there also exists a plantation-like culture behind its facade. The director, senior staff, and board of the New Orleans Museum of Art, historically steeped in white supremacy from the founding of the institution in 1911, need to be held accountable to the people and community they claim to be serving as a public facing institution. We are a group of former NOMA employees who have resigned from the museum in recent years as a result of the toxic work environment and institutional racism outlined below.

NOMA’s own vision for its future is to be “a nexus for the arts in New Orleans, an iconic presence synonymous with the city, and recognized nationally as the foremost cultural institution in the Gulf South.” Yet this iconic presence does not reflect the diversity of its surroundings within a majority Black city. NOMA’s leadership includes only one full-time Black staff member in a pool of 20+ directors, curators, and other decision makers - and none in executive leadership. In July 2018, NOMA hired a new African Art Curator, Dr. Ndubuisi Ezeluomba. Dr. Ezeluomba is also the first Black curator the museum has ever hired in the institution’s 110+ year history. In addition to a predominantly white staff, less than 10% of NOMA’s nearly 50-member board are Black, with no Black individuals holding officer roles or serving as part of the 13-member executive committee.

Black people are continuously put in compromising positions working in this environment. For example, we were happy to see a Haitian American co-curator join the Bondye: Between and Beyond exhibition. However, why did it take this exhibition for him to be offered a curatorial opportunity when he, having been born and raised in this city, has been curating contemporary art in New Orleans for years? While the connection between Haiti and New Orleans is historically significant and culturally apparent, this exhibition represents a missed opportunity. Presented in the Great Hall, as opposed to in another dedicated gallery space, the exhibition featured Haitian Vodou flags created by a white artist. NOMA officially called the exhibition an example of “cultural collaboration,” rather than acknowledging it as an act of cultural appropriation and violence. NOMA did not make it clear to audiences that the artist credited was a white woman. To add insult to injury, the majority of the Haitian artists were not named nor were they properly credited for working on each of the flags presented. Rather than pinning all of the institution's hopes on a Black curator or a Black program manager, the museum should have engaged a wider network of experts; not just people affiliated with colleges and universities, but also practitioners and culture bearers should have been included at the decision-making table.

With more community oversight, the museum might decide to allocate its resources equitably. Purchased in 2015, the Greenwood plantation parlor suite was restored and then installed permanently at the end of December 2019. Archival records at Louisiana State University provided details of the family’s four Louisiana plantations, which enslaved 500 people. This exhibit was designated a priority by leadership, however the prioritization and reasoning behind this decision was withheld from the same staff expected to develop educational materials and programming in conjunction with the installation. This acquisition represents the exchange of money and wealth between elites. Money that could have been spent on public programming, free admission, paying or insuring Black staff or contract workers, or acquiring the work of Black artists into the collection; but was instead used to further enrich the people whose wealth was built on theft (of land and people). Pain and concern expressed by Black staff, volunteers, and community members about the Greenwood parlor exhibition was disregarded. How can the New Orleans Museum of Art claim to encourage dialogue while refusing to hear or respect the concerns of Black members of their own staff?

Over the last two years, over 30 employees have parted ways with the institution, and nearly half of those employees are Black. The majority of those employees experienced or reported incidents of racial and LGBTQ bias and aggression. These incidents were reported to Susan Taylor, Museum Director; Anne Banos, Deputy Director; and Donna Dunn, Human Resource Manager. As a result of such reporting, many employees were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements and were targeted and bullied until they resigned.

A former LGBTQ employee reported HR targeting and homophobic slurs to Deputy Director Anne Banos, initiating what was supposed to be an “impartial investigation” only to discover the outside attorney was a former NOMA board member who had a personal connection with NOMA’s director Susan Taylor dating back decades. Repeated complaints to HR in 2019 finally provoked the first organization-wide “diversity” training in at least six years. At the training, a number of issues were present that signaled the museum’s lack of commitment: 1) there was no outside or impartial mediator; 2) complainants were paired directly with those they had made complaints against which positioned them for future retaliation; 3) the entire staff was forced to view a clip of “Everybody is a Little Bit Racist” from the Broadway musical Avenue Q (which was delivered out of the context of the satirical musical itself). As a result, many employees reported feeling further offended, discouraged, and targeted.

Striking disparities are also apparent in the application of organizational policies along racial lines including:

  • General refusal to reward or promote qualified Black staff into new roles. For the one Black individual who was offered an opportunity for promotion, new review/approval processes for work duties were put in place by senior leadership that did not exist for white predecessors

  • The use of homophobic slurs and racist mimicking by individuals in leadership roles including recently retired Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, Gail Asprodites and NOMA’s current Facility Manager, Steve Lewis.

  • Attempts to enforce gender and racially motivated dress code violations, such as the requested removal of dreadlocks for Black employees.

  • While it was staff policy that everyone used the rear security entrance to the building, this policy was routinely enforced for Black and LGBTQ staff while upper-level white staff regularly used the front door with impunity.

  • Facility Management and Administrative leadership using the closed circuit security camera system to surveil the movements of targeted employees.

  • Inequitable adherence to guidelines for paid leave including both funeral and sick leave for Black employees vs. their white counterparts, including instances of the loss of immediate family members and major medical afflictions.

  • Wage disparity for entry to mid-level staff - where nearly all of NOMA’s Black employees are found - are paid $15,000 - $45,000 yearly with no opportunity for meaningful raises. On the other hand, NOMA’s senior staff and directors receive compensation ranging from $100,000 to nearly $450,000 annually.

On a national level, major philanthropic funders of the arts across the country such as the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and the Ford Foundation have spearheaded initiatives to diversify museum boards and leadership. A former BIPOC American Council of Learned Societies Public Fellow at NOMA, whose position was funded by the Mellon Foundation, reports “during my time at NOMA, some staff looked at me with disdain and suspicion, I was given no budget whatsoever, and I was discouraged from forming meaningful connections with Trustees. Susan Taylor was initially patronizing and later became openly hostile towards me. I remember her insistence that I not mention race when discussing the founding of the museum, or other museums/museum-related organizations. And I especially remember Taylor telling me that she was unsure of whether I could be a true ambassador of the museum since all I did every day was ‘ask people how racist do you think NOMA is.'” NOMA continues to capitalize on these funding opportunities with current youth programs, funded by the Walton Family Foundation and the Ford Foundation, aimed at diversifying the future of museum leadership while at the same time refusing to make much-needed structural changes, sending mixed signals to the youth participating in these programs.

In addition to internal racism and bias, there are countless reported incidents of Black school groups, interns and visitors feeling targeted and harassed by white staff while visiting NOMA as recently as February 2020. Front desk associates at NOMA received daily feedback from Black visitors, many 3rd & 4th generation New Orleanians, stating that they have never felt welcomed or represented at the museum. These concerns were brought up in departmental meetings repeatedly and reported to HR only to be buried or dismissed.

The anti-Black culture at the New Orleans Museum of Art is pervasive.

We are taking a stand and demanding that NOMA make the changes outlined below (we are inspired by our comrades at For the Culture 2020):

  1. We demand NOMA stop all forms of performative allyship, Black tokenism, and virtue signaling immediately.

  1. We demand a public apology from NOMA on noma.org and all social media avenues to all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) & LGBTQ former and current employees who have experienced discrimination and aggression at the institution, as well as an apology to the New Orleans community for failing to provide a safe space for visitors.

  1. We demand the immediate removal of the following NOMA administrators who have facilitated this toxic culture: Director Susan Taylor, Deputy Director Anne Banos, Facility Manager Steve Lewis, and Human Resources Manager Donna Dunn (and replace HR with at least two qualified individuals).

  1. We demand the hiring of more Black curators! Hire and retain a cohort of Black and People of Color on the board of trustees and in leadership positions in the staff.

  1. We demand a complete and independent investigation of the origins and history of ownership of all African and Indigenous objects in the museum. This investigation must take place in collaboration with DismantleNOMA representatives, independent BIPOC curators and representatives from the respective countries for the expressed purpose of returning all sacred and religious objects to their country/people of origin.

  1. We demand that NOMA actively support locally-based BIPOC artists and creators by acquiring and exhibiting their work.

  2. We demand that NOMA actively support locally-based BIPOC arts and cultural institutions by forming meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships and sharing resources and platforms.

  1. We demand an equitable redistribution of departmental budgets and staff wages that includes a permanent policy that all employees and contract workers make a living wage.

  1. We demand a mandatory formal, independent investigation into all complaints made to HR and museum leadership regarding BIPOC bias, LGBTQ bias, gender bias, and sexual harassment during current director Susan Taylor’s 10-year tenure. NOMA must immediately dissolve all NDA’s for current and former employees so that the findings of this investigation can be released publicly no later than 12/31/2020.

  1. We demand that NOMA will implement a safe and unbiased system for reporting workplace discrimination and racial bias to be evaluated externally by a council composed of independent BIPOC and LGBTQ stakeholders, including representatives from DismantleNOMA. NOMA must standardize anti-racist training for all current and future NOMA staff.

  1. We demand that NOMA announce and implement anti-racism as an explicit part of their mission; structural changes that come out of this new mission are to be supported by policies, procedures, and budgets that are aligned with clearly articulated equity outcomes.

  1. We demand that NOMA create and equitably fund a permanent Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion department with at least two full-time staff.

  1. We demand transparency in institutional operations, acquisitions, and collections.

We demand these terms with the support of a far-reaching network of colleagues, artists, activists, and community leaders. This letter is an invitation to engage so that together we can help build the framework for real and necessary change at NOMA. We believe that this institution can begin to heal past wounds and authentically serve the New Orleans community.

Our collective is joining the call to action with our colleagues from around the world! If you would like to join us in this stand, please SIGN HERE and/or contact us at DismantleNOMA@gmail.com to share your NOMA experience.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Williams

Dr. fari nzinga

Ifátùmínínú Bamgbàlà Arẹ̀sà formerly known as Kelsi Brooks

Jonathan Serrette

Jane Kate Wood

1,100+ Standing in solidarity with us:

Traci Taylor, former NOMA Visitor Engagement specialist, New Orleans, LA

Abdul Aziz, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Modou Dieng, Artist, Chicago, IL

Samantha Kreuscher, Loyal supporter of karmic retribution, New Orleans LA

Jalisa Orellana Hardy, artist, activist, educator, Washington, DC

Toni Jones, Black ally, new orleans

G Jones, Archaeologist and Ally, New Orleans

Zoe Johnson, Ally, Arts professional, New Orleans, LA

Brigid Conroy, Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Eliza Nelson, Ally, Kansas

Nate Cameron Jr, Artist Manager, New Orleans

Iriane McCray, Author, New Orleans, LA

Tiye B Jones, Program Manager Tulane, New Orleans

julia Nicole daniel, Ally, Louisiana Children's Museum, New Orleans

Lou, Business owner, Bi-monthly patron of NOMA for over 10 years, New Orleans, LA

Chris, Supporter, New Orleans

Cecilia Russell, Artist, Community member, New Orleans

Tía Floyd, Ally, Jackson, MS

Pat Wold, Artist, activist, art technician, New Orleans

Vincent Chaney, Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Maya McGee, Ally, New Orleans, La

Sean, Artist, New Orleans

Emily Mickley-Doyle, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Casey Miller, Ally, New Orleans

Elizabeth Underwood, Organizer, ACE Archiving, New Orleans

M.E. Riley, Artist, Ally, Educator, New Orleans, LA

Alex Dimeff, ally, New Orleans

Erica, , Artist, Ally, New Orleans, LA

James Rennert, Ally, New Orleans

Leona Strassberg Steiner, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Ahnis Jones, Resident, New Orleans, LA

Dawn Blankenship, Ally, Former employee, Omaha

Kate Kuen, Artist/Activist, New Orleans, LA

Suzanna Ritz, Museum Educator, North Carolina

Darlynn Marks, Textile artist, Algiers

Colin Leonard, Law student, New Orleans

Milene Lichtwarck, Artist, New Orleans

Taylor Ott, Artist and ally, Contracted performer, New Orleans

Olivia boissy, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Mandi J Wood, Artist, NEW ORLEANS

Leona Strassberg Steiner, Artist, NEW ORLEANS

Jordan D Soyka, Ally, New orleans

Brit Lindsey, Curator, New Orleans, LA

Allison Gouaux, Former employee, New Orleans, LA

Nathan Lemoine, Ally, NEW ORLEANS

Rosemary, Ally, New Orleans

Jared Gaspard, Ally, Ex Noma security staff, Westwego, LA

Mwende "FreeQuency" Katwiwa, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Leah Hennessy, Musician, Creative Producer, New Orleans Airlift, New Orleans, LA

juliet walker, ally, new orleans, LA

Ben Koch, Artist, Art Educator, Lafayette

Cypress Atlas, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Veronica Stevens, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Robin Burgess, Artist Management, Former NOMA Board Member, New Orleans, LA

Rene Pierre, Artist, New Orleans

Shane Carlos Avrard, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Natalie Csintyan, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Alex, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Derek, Ally, Former Employee, New Orleans, LA

Heather M. Szafran, Ally, Nola

Christina Carr, Former Employee, New Orleans, LA

Heather M. Szafran, Ally/Archivist, New Orleans

wren, ally, new orleans, LA

Grace Goodrich, Ally, New Orleans

Bernadette Fox, Resident, New Orleans, LA

Cassie Maxwell, LCSW, New Orleans, LA

Jenney Fazande, Exhibit Designer, New Orleans

Starr Gaspard, Ally, Galliano

Delaney Martin, Artist, New Orleans

Amber Mitchell, Historian, New Orleans, LA

Rachel Sanders, Artist, Former employee, Milwaukee,WI

Kendall Gardner, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Taylor Murrow, Former employee, New Orleans, LA

Lucía Abramovich, Former NOMA Curatorial Fellow, San Antonio, TX

Lisa Flanagan, Professor, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Anita Bateman, Ally, Providence

Andranetta, Ally, New Orleans

Meara McNitt, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Laura Stein, Executive Director, Dancing Grounds, New Orleans, LA

Arlene del Orbe, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Dana Taggart, Anthropologist, New Orleans, LA

Muffin Bernstein, Artist, New Orleans la

Justin Bryant, Artist, university instructor, Arkansas

Christie Sanchez, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Josh Granaada, ally, New Orleans, LA

Cilista Eberle, Video Producer, Michael Murphy Productions, New Orleans

Isaac Lauritsen, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Heather Green, ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Upendo na Kushindana, Futurist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Lina Alam, Special Events & Programs Coordinator, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans

Ana Maroto, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Khira Hickbottom, ally, Fort Wayne, IN

Sofia Brogno, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Margaret Sche, Owner, Saint Claude Social Club, New Orleans

M. Cherry Rangel, Cultural Strategist and Resource Organizer, New Orleans

Rebecca Diaz, Museum Patron, New Orleans, LA

Victoria Barkley, ally, New Orleans Louisiana

Tyler Hebert, Former NOMA gallery attendant and volunteer coordinator, New Orleans, Louisiana

Déja Jones, Activist Artist and local advocate, Mobilizing Millennials and New Orleans Youth Alliance, New Orleans

Nicole Watson, Disability rights activist/ ASL interpreter, Oakland, CA

Katie Mancine, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Chelsey Shannon, writer, ally, New Orleans

Nia Bryant, Director of Jupiter Rising Academy, New Orleans

Con, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Meg, Ally, New Orleans Louisiana

LB, Exhbitions Manager at CAC, New Orleans Louisiana

Gian Francisco Smith, Artist, New Orleans

Emily Heine, Ally, Denver, Colorado

Gabe Christian-Solá, Artist, activist, organizer, New Orleans

Cara L, NOLA resident, NOLA

Ryn Wilson, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Leah Constantine, Ally, Art Museum Employee, New York, NY

Danielle Scanlon, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Nikki Minor, Educator, Herbalist, New Orleans, LA

BNW, Ally, New Orleans

Sophie Moran, Ally, New Orleans LA

Rebecca Rebouche, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Peter Pinelli, Artist, New Orleans

Mike D, Patron, New Orleans, LA

Kara Olidge, Executive Director, Amistad Research Center, New Orleans

Mariana Sheppard, Artist, New Orleans

Melanie, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Camille Barnett, Artist and Activist, New Orleans, LA

Brandi Sun, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Alejandra Arauz, Educator, Activist, Ally, New Orleans, La

Marielle Rizon, Museum Studies Student, JHU, Brooklyn, NY

Austin Wallace, Ally, Dallas, Texas

Leslie-Claire Spillman, Curator/Gallerist, New Orleans, LA

Louise Ledour, Arts Administration M.A Graduate, New Orleans

Alba Trujillo, Patron of the Arts, New Orleans

Soraya Jean-Louis, Artist, New Orleans

Phyllis Jane Goodnow, Artist, calligrapher, historical researcher, New Orleans

Dejah Tanner, Graphic Designer, Dejspace, New Orleans, Louisiana

Skye Macdonald, Producer//Former NOMA Non-Profit Partner, New Orleans LA

Christopher Harter, Deputy Director, Amistad Research Center, New Orleans

Hallie Olson, ally New Orleans Louisiana

Catie Cullen, Graduate Student, Art History, Tulane University, , New Orleans, LA

jordan flaherty, Filmmaker, New Orleans, LA

Alyxandra Gauthier, Ally, New Orleans

Kir Selert, Ally, New Orleans

Lizzy Mayer, Ally, New Orleans LA

Kristian Armour-Williams, Artist, New Orleans

I. Ross, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Keith Ansel, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Jay Pennington, Musician, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Kripa Upadhyay, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Meagan, Ally, Salem,MA (formally lived in NOLA)

Olivia, Ally, Baltimore, Maryland

Charlotte Martin, Proud Black Mother, Jacksonville Florida

Olivia Maynard, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Thomas Friel, Artist, Museum Educator, NEW ORLEANS

Charlotte Clarke, Ally, Friend of former NOMA Security, New Orleans, LA

Rachel Stein, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jane Bleecker, Business Owner, Ally, New Orleans LA

Ali DeFazio, Graduate Student, New Orleans

Matthijs Herzberg, Designer, New Orleans

Sarah Murphy, Artist, ally, and nonprofit professional, River Ridge, LA

Lacie Barbour, Art Historian / Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies Masters Student, Baton Rouge, Louisiana / Tallahassee, Florida

Matthew A. Ward, Recording Artist, New Orleans, LA

Victoria Alexis, Artist and Activist, Marrero, Louisiana

Kurston Melton, Creative Studio Co-Owner, New Orleans, LA

Jeremy Paten, Artist and Creative Studio Co-Owner, New Orleans, LA

James White, Artists, New Orleans

Elysian Fields, Artist, New Orleans

August Smith, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Justin Lamb, Poet, Educator, New Orleans, LA

Mac Warren, Ally, New Orleans

Former NOMA Employee, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Ashley-Crystal Firstley, Arts Administrator, New Orleans

Caitlin Morgenstern, Ally, New Orleans

Joshua Mansfield, Ally, New Orleans

Megan Coates, Artist, Ally, New Orleans

Rahn Broady, Artist/Chef/Agricultural Science Educator/Mutual Aid Participant, New Orleans

Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman, Writer and Translator, New York, NU

Kari Morehead, Ally, New Orleans

Tinkofnola, Artist/Activist, New Orleans

Kat Robinson, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Megan Theresa Coates, Artist, Ally, New Orleans

Dylan Moore, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Raven Crane, Artist, Accomplice, Curator, Organizer, NEW ORLEANS

Rafael Delgadillo, Ally, Y'at on the WestCoast

Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, CEO, Ashe Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

CJ, Social Worker, Philadelphia

Anne Plauche, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Theresa Pham, Ally, New Orleans

Hannah Chalew, Artist, NEW ORLEANS

Pam Brooks, Ally, Oberlin, OH, Oberlin College

Renee Royale, Independent Curator, Artist, Writer, Support Black Art, New Orleans, LA

Anna Timmerman, Artist/Musician/Gardener, New Orleans

Curtis Johnson, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Camille Hardin, Organizer, European Dissent, New Orleans, LA

Jessica, Supporter, Gretna, La

Bob Howard, Executive Director, Artichoke Community Music, Portland, Oregon

Caroline, Ally, Baton Rouge

Christine, Activist, Kenner, LA

Piggs, Fighter, New Orleans, LA

Slant Rhyme, Artist, Curator, Organizer, New Orleans, Louisiana

Viv Liu, Research Assistant, Contemporary Art, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Mary Guiteras, Artist, Administrator, Ally, New Orleans

Yashua Klos, Artist, Brooklyn NY

Hannah Crosby, Mid-City Neighbor, New Orleans, LA

Rochelle Rojas, Ally, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Michigan

Maebh, Artist, New Orleans

AumRa Frezel, Artist, Autonomous People, New Orleans, Louisiana

Rel, Ally, New Orleans LA

Kacy Helwick, Librarian, New Orleans, LA

Sam Gordon, Teacher, New York, NY (formerly New Orleans)

Stuart Auld, Artist, Ally, New Orleans

Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy, Assistant Curator, Museum of Arts and Design , New York

Shelia N. Bowers, Creative Artist, Little Rock, AR

Sophie Bennett, Ally, New Orleans

Eleanor White, Friend, New Orleans, LA

Sofia Rivera, Ally, Columbia University student, Covington, Louisiana

Hallie Ringle, Curator, Birmingham

Allison Abney, Former Graduate Intern, Ally, Birmingham, AL

Stephanie Pearl, Organizer and program director, 912 Julia, the Iron Lattice, New Orleans

Shana M Sassoon, Ally and museum member, New Orleans

Jupiter, Artist, Ally, New Orleans , La

Delaney George, Artist, Former NOMA Programs Assistant, New Orleans

Melissa Clark, Artist, New Orleans

Carolina Hernández, Designer Artist, Resident Advocate, New Orleans, LA

Jane McBride, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Amelia Hoppe, Ally, New Orleans

Carli, Teacher, New Orleans, La

Olaywa Austin, Program Director - Dramatic Arts, Oakland, CA

Breea Gould, Museum Regular, New Orleans, LA

Mary Beth Campbell, Ally, New Orleans

Natalie Cooney, Operations Director, New Orleans Photo Alliance, , Brooklyn, NY

Melisa, Artist, New Orleans

Kyle Roberts, Ally and Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Chelsea Martin, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jacksun Bein, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Erin Anderson, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jebney Miguel Lewis, Artist, New Orleans

Andy O'Brien, Friend, New Orleans, LA

Katie Miller, Artist, Dallas, Texas

Kate Marsh, Student, Columbia University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sarah Saladino, Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Shelby Butera, Former Employee, New Orleans, La

Josie Zamora, Ally, Hailey Idaho

Jay Styles, Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jebney Lewis, Artist, New Orleans

Sharon Taint, The Burden of Sin, New Orleans

Julian Tate, Teacher, New Orleans

G.N. Reesby, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Raymie Wolfe, Ally, Former Gallery Attendant, New Orleans

Shaughnessy Zambolla, Activist, New Orleans

Brieze Levy, Adult education manager, Dancing Grounds, New Orleans, LA

Brad J. Caldwell, Ally, Former Programs Manager at NOMA, Mississippi

Ryan Groendyk, Artist and Teacher, New Orleans

Kaitlin, Artist, New Orleans

Rebekah Tuck, Ally and Nola Resident, New Orleans, LA

Petros Grammas, Artist, Ally, Long Island, NY

Obie Perez, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Dr. Sharbreon Plummer, Artist and researcher, Baton Rouge, LA

A Celest, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Clara illson, Art enthusiast, Chicago, Illinois

Lauren Cargo, Ally, NEW ORLEANS

Aria Sergany, Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Carter Lashley, Contract Art Technician, New Orleans

Jordan Joseph, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Jarrad DeGruy, Black/Indigenous Native of New Orleans, New Orleans

Coral Cyzewski, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Ariel René Jackson, Artist, Austin, TX

Casey Ancar, Artist, Arts Administration M.A., New Orleans, La

Indya B, Activist, New orleans

Gretchen Howard, Artist and Ally, Covington LA and NOLA

Ashley, Ally, New Orleans

Matthew Daniel, Teacher, New Orleans, LA

Kourtney Youngblood, Artist, New Orleans

Deorin Payne, Artist, New Orleans

Jasmyne Bracy, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Lindsay Rowinski, Ally/ Preparator, New Orleans

Carter Lashley, Art Technician, New Orleans

Julia R., Ally, New Orleans, LA

Cary, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Tia Alphonse, Student, New Orleans, Louisiana

George Michael Figueroa, Ally, New Orleans

Tere Kirkland, Colleague, Local museum employee, New Orleans

Lahzie Takada, Ally, Arabi

lynsey knowles, ally, New Orleans, LA

DaVida Smith, Producer, Los Angeles

Abbie Largess, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Dylan Sojic-Borne, Organizer, ,Freedom Road Socialist Organization, New Orleans, LA

Carlie Trosclair, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Cristina Molina, Artist, President of The Front, Director SLU Contemporary, New Orleans

Deborah Centola, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Elise Toups, Artist, Teacher, New Orleans, LA

Heidi Schmalbach, Friend and supporter, New Orleans

Seymone Killins, Teacher, New Orleans, la

Marjorie Rawle, Emerging curator, former intern, New Orleans, LA

Lavanta White, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Sandy Stibitz, Non-profit professional, New Orleans

Tracey, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Lindy, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Kylie, Artist Activist, New Orleans, La

Felice Lavergne, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Carol Lee Fritz, Ally, museum volunteer, New Orleans, LA

Dov Block, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jennifer Whitney, Musician, Physician, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Jessica Jackson, Supporter, New Orleans, LA

Wesley Stokes, Artist, Ex- New Orleanian and former employee of CAC, Brooklyn, NY

Gerald M. Williams, Youth Development Professional, New Orleans

Andy Johnson, Curator, Ally, Washington, DC

Timothy Bond, Ally, volunteer, New Orleans, LA

Kristina Kay Robinson, Writer, New Orleans, LA

Janine Hayes, Ally, New Orleans

Pamela Otibu, Ally, New Orleans

Kendyll Gross, Educator, Ally, Former NOMA Intern, Austin

Elyse Munoz, Artist, Activist, Ally-in-training, New Orleans, LA

Haley Peele, Graduate Student in Psychology, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Caroline Cordaro, Ally, Baton Rouge

Yana Dessev, Ally, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Megan Flattley Ally, Art Historian, NEW ORLEANS


Laura Cornell, Psychologist and former art educator, New Orleans

Irene Yardley, Broadcast Advertising Producer, New Orleans

Lori, Former museum worker, New Orleans

Amelia Blackburn, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Katie B, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana

Carlie Trosclair, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Emily B, Artist, Ally, New Orleans

Anna Ramsey, Artist, Los Angeles, California

Amy Lewis, Ally, New Orleans

Marissa Passi, Arts Administrator, Brooklyn, NY

Cancuba Collective, Indigenous Artist Collective, So-called Louisiana, Bulbancha and the Lower Bayous

Laura Renzi, Ally, New Orleans

Jenna, Ally, Denver Colorado

Kendric Perkins, Ally, Strategic Thoughts L3c, New Orleans

kai lumumba barrow, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Felici Asteinza, Artist, New Orleans

Taylor Kimball, Ally, Phoenix, AZ

Mary Ruiz, Student, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

chasitie brown, Art historian/Former Intern, Dallas

Remi Bella Beek, Ally, Miami, FL

Megan Dunbar, New Orleans resident & ally, New Orleans

Kori, Visual Artist, New Orleans, LA

Jana King, Ally and Community Member, New Orleans, LA

Angela Kinlaw, Community Member/Organizer, Take Em Down NOLA, New Orleans

Emily Vega, ally, new orleans

NOLA Native, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Ruby kelsey, Artist, New orleans

Aaliyah B., Artist, New Orleans, LA

london miller, Artist, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Tsarina Magdalena, Queer Clown, Artist, Witch, New Orleans LA

Rachel, friend, supporter, former museum employee, New Orleans

Jacqueline Paulsen, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Megan Murphy, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Cammy, Program assistant, New Orleans, LA

Allison Beondé, Artist, New Orleans

Aaliyah B., Artist, New Orleans, LA

John Keating, Ally, New Orleans

Sarah Hill, Artist, New Orleans

Gracie, Artist and Ally, Louisiana

KC, Artist/Student/New Orleans native, New Orleans

Heather Haylett, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Sarah, Artist/Ally, Marrero, LA

Amber Gilbert, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Rachel Weber, Ally, New Orleans, LA

gaby, ally/artist, baton rouge, louisiana

Anonymous, Artist, New Orleans

Mizani Ball, Artist, Chicago, IL

Tim Morales, Preparator, Current Employee, New Orleans, LA

Adia, Artist, New Orleans

D. Lammie-Hanson, Metalpoint Artist and Painter, Chicago, IL

Sidney Mori, Artist / Organizer, Houston, Texas

Derek Thomas, Educator, Artist, New Orleans

Jonathan Isaac Jackson, Filmmaker, The Colored Section, New Orleans

Kate Loughran, Museum Specialist/ Former NOMA Intern, New Orleans, LA

Lisa Bourgeois, Artist, New Orleans

Hannah, Ally, New Orleans

Sally Jane Black, Worker, New Orleans, la

Jennifer Fairclough, Ally, former gallery owner, New Orleans, LA

Jessica Borusky, Curator and Instructor, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Clare Loughran, Teacher, New Orleans

Emilie, Ally, New Orleans

Kendra Thompson, Ally, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Daniel Ford, Ally, New Orleans, La

Allison Young, Former Curatorial Fellow, Art Historian, New Orleans, LA

Tara Foster, Ally; arts administrator, former - Joan Mitchell Center, Brookyln, NY

C, Artist, Los Angeles

Minh, artist, New Orleans, LA

Courtney Kearney, Ally, Librarian, New Orleans, La

sarah pressley, teacher, NEW ORLEANS

Carrie Moulder, Ally, Metairie, LA

Matthew Buyer, Friend, Ally, New Orleans

Page Nelson, Ally, Brooklyn, NY

James B. Borders IV, Consultant, JB Borders & Associates, New Orleans

Deiara Stolearenco, Ally, New Orleans, la

B Davidson, Artist, Austin tx

Amanda Fallis, Archivist, New Orleans

Lou, student, artist, activist, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Harleigh Shaw, Artist, New Orleans

Nick Beason, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jackson Campbell Ward, Artist/ally, New Orleans, LA

Lina Bernefors, Ally, Stockholm, Sweden

Karen Riley Simmons, Cultural Citizen, New Orleans, LA

Amber Vaughn, Activist, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Megan Cohen, Ally, Des Moines, Iowa

Alexis Annis, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Phoebe N, Artist, Former Employee, New York/Boston

Malik Bartholomew, Historian, New Orleans

Monica Rose Kelly, Artist and Ally, New Orleans, LA

Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Art historian, University of Texas at Austin (grad student), Austin, TX

Aubrey Edwards, Museum and arts educator, artist, ally, New Orleans

Julie Dietz, Artist, New Orleans

Jessica Miller, Ally, New Orleans

Harry Lowenburg, Resident, New Orleans, La

Lucia Honey, Artist, New Orleans

Matthew Davis, Art Historian/Anthropologist, Fayetteville, Georgia

C. M. Conte, Ally, Museum Professional, New York, NY

Alexis Pye, Artist, Houston TX

Julie, Ally, Alexandria LA

Adriana, Former NOLA resident and NOMA patron, London, Canada

Ramona D Fagbore, Ally from another museum, Brooklyn

Rebecca Wei Hsieh, Visitor Experience/Education, NYC

Madisyn Pina, Ally, New Orleans

Shannon Burton, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Coral Mercy Cruse, Artist, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jenny, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Tyler chauvin, New Orleans Native, Brooklyn, New York

Yona Backer, Creative Strategist, New York City

Ashley Del Carmen, Jazz Artist, New Orleans

Noah Caspar, Artist, Ann Arbor, MI

Harley King, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Lilith Winkler-Schor, Arts & Community Development Professional, New Orleans, LA

K Elizabeth Clark, Member of NOLA community, New Orleans

Whitney Hardy, Executive Director, 3RDSPACE/ Memphis Art + Design Week, Memphis, TN

roach, ally, new orleans

Zarouhie Abdalian, artist, New Orleans, LA

Patrick Burns, Orleans Parish Tax Payer, Ally, New Orleans, La

Anna Marcum, Grants and Foundation Relations Manager, Center for Architecture, New York, NY (formerly New Orleans, LA)

Cristina Berthelot, Ally, New Orleans, la

Jess O’Dell, Ally, New Orleans

Jillian, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Marcela, Art Director, Former NOMA employee, New Orleans

Carla Hernandez, Ally and museum worker, New York, NY

KC Coppock, Illustrator, Former Gallery Attendant, Memphis, TN

Madeleine Bourgeois, Ally, New Orleans

Jayne, Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Veronica Mollere, Social Worker and Ally, New Orleans, LA

Tucker Barker, Artist, New Orleanian, ally, New Orleans

Lori Spradley, Ally, librarian, and museum professional, Tenement Museum, New Orleans

Jayne Pugh, Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Gustavo V, Ally, Kenner

Hillary Gary ,Artist, New Orleans, LA

Olive Malone, Herbalist, New Orleans, LA

Nick N, Ally, Metairie, LA

Margarete, Ally, Pasadena, CA

Katie Baker-Barricks, Museum Professional, New York, NY

Kimberly Diana Jacobs, Ally, Curator, Memphis, TN

Anna Campomanes, Artist, Kentucky

Amaya Smith, Student, New Orleans

Carolyn Auld, Ally, Lafayette LA

Dora Cullen, ally, New Orleans

Raquel oliveira, Ally, New Orleans

Katie Hunter-Lowrey, Organizer, New Orleans, LA

Bob Weisz, Artist/Activist, New Orleans, LA

Ajax, Yoga Entrepreneur, Magnolia Yoga Studio, New Orleans, LA

Jose Torres-Tama, Visual and Performance Activist, Writer, Immigrant Rights Activist, ArteFuturo Productions,

New Orleans, LA

Nyx Silvers, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Impana Murthy, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Chelsea Brown, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Nadiyah Skyy, Goddess, Lake Tahoe, Ca

Jerika Marchan, Ally, Resident, New Orleans, LA

Hannah Helmstetter, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Nick Helmstetter, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Keeley Rinehart, Ally, New Orleans, La.

Ana Hernandez, Artist, Co-founder of Level Artist Collective, Former NOMA employee, Bulbancha

Katie Batten, Artist, Chicago, IL

Olivia, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Peter Hoffman, Artist, New Orleans

Jamie L Chiarello, Artist, New Orleans

Summer Suleiman, Writer, Ally, New Orleans

Katherine, Ally, New Orleans

Ashley Maldonado, Artist & Ally, New Orleans, LA

Michael Pajón, Artist, New Orleans

Maria Biswalo, Ally, The Hague, Netherlands

Felicia P., Advocate, San Francisco, CA

Samantha Miker, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Gambrill, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Malcolm Subet, Co-founder, New Orleans Workers Group, New Orleans, LA

Mira Fitzpatrick, Art History Student, New Orleans, LA

Angela Catalano, Educator, New Orleans, LA

Nicole Hershey, Concerned, New Orleans

Megan Peake, Former NOMA curatorial intern, New Orleans, LA

Lauren Bernofsky, Ally, Bloomington, IN

Elizabeth Halbrook, Ally, Atlanta, Georgia

Kyla Bernberg, Artist, New Orleans

Juliet Meeks, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Nanette Saucier, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Sarah Robinson, ally, New Mexico

Brooke, Ally and Organizer, New Orleans, LA

Abraham McNeil, Tour Guide, New Orleans, LA

Lara, Educator, Los Angeles

Ernie Henry, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Issabelle Vu, designer, artist, and ally, new orleans

Sarah L., Artist/Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Hannah Kline, Artisf, Activist, Ally, New Orleans, LA

DEVIN READING, Ally. Friend., Baton Rouge

Veronica, Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Jenni, Ally, New Orleans

Rachael LaPolla, Educator, Queens NY

Kendric Perkins, Ally, Strategic Thoughts L3c, New Orleans, La

Leah, Ally, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Nicole Caridad Ralston, Founder, Caridad Consulting, New Orleans, LA

Hayley Morgenstern, Librarian, New Orleans, LA

Dr. Nicole Caridad Ralston, Associate Director, Beloved Community, New Orleans, LA

Connie Thompson, Entrepreneur, New Orleans

Natalie McLaurin, Ally, Knoxville, TN

Kahele Mahone, Community organizer, New Orleans, LA

Noelle Tollett, Artist, Baton Rouge, LA

Nicole McCaffrey, Community member, New Orleans, LA

Clair Johnson, Ally/Artist, New Orleans LA

Jonathan Wolfson, Life artist, Buffalo

Rachel Jones Deris, Artist, Educator, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Quinn, Artist, New Orleans

Jade Collins, ally, New Orleans, LA

Amber Crawford, Artist/Activist, Chicago

LaWanda Smith, Arts and Entertainment Consultant, New Orleans, LA

Misha Heil, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Lily Brooks, Artist, Educator, Ally, Baton Rouge, LA

Keturah, Ally, New Orleans

Sarah Hamilton, Ally, Houma, LA

Jacquelyn Lochner, Ally, Metairie, La

Lily Rice, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jonathan Kieran, Programming Manager, New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans, LA

Elizabeth Wheeler, Ally and Art Appreciator, Houston, TX

Jeff Thomas, Publisher, Think504.com, New Orleans

Finn Coover, Student Activist, Woodbloc Collective, New Orleans, Louisiana

Former Chief Engineer, New Orleans

Casey Shaw, Former Patron, New Orleans, LA

Sakura Kone', Historian/Tour Guide, New Orleans, La

Naomi Smith, Student, New Orleans, LA

Dan, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jessi Ballard, Ally, New Orleans

Gabriella, Ally, New Orleans

Kaylyn Nicholas, ally, Houston, Texas

Catie Prechtel, Student, New Orleans

Lydia Smith, School Teacher, Artist, and Museum Visitor, New Orleans, Louisiana

Liv B, Arts Administrator, Ally, Slidell, LA

Anna Karina Delage, Community Member, New Orleans, LA

Charlie Birdwell, Student, New Orleans, LA

Gabrielle Drouant, Ally, NOMA visitor, Lover of New Orleans, Covington, LA

Peter J Bowling, Artist, Musician, Ally, New Orleans

Lance Cozzens, Ally, New Orleans

Katie Ross, Community member, New Orleans

Genesis De Las Olas, Artist, NOLA/ MIDDLE TENNESSEE

MaPó Kinnord, Artist & Educator, Xavier University, New Orleans

Marshall Gallyon, Artist, ally, transplant, Broadmoor, New Orleans

Ross Louis, university professor, New Orleans, LA

Josiah Berger, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Annemarie, Artist & Ally, New Orleans, LA

Rustle Pants, Artist, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Ronni Bourgeois, Artist, Activist, Community Member, Ally, Louisiana Native, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jesselyn, Artist, Menlo Park, CA

Lauren Lastrapes, educator, New Orleans

Comrade, Ally, Metairie Louisiana

Liv JACOBS, Future arts administrator, Indiana

Former NOMA Employee, Ally, New Orleans

Jennifer Dickerson, Artist, ally, Slidell, LA

Phil, Ally, Portland OR

Daphne Moses, Artist and Ally, Former Intern, New Orleans, Louisiana

Carol, Ally, New Orleans

Jeff, Artist, New Orleans

jazz franklin, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Claire Hohensee, Ally; member, NOLA

Christopher Kurts, Artist, Arts Program Coordinator, Kolaj Institute, New Orleans, Louisiana

Owen Ever, Museum staff and theater maker, New Orleans

milissa orzolek, artist, ally, new orleans, la

Katy Tinsley, Artistic Community Member, New Orleans, LA

Caleb Oommen, Activist, Wood Bloc Collective, New Orleans, LA

Lesley McBride, , arts manager, Piacenza, Italy

Scott Verzier, Activist, Baltimore Maryland

Jon Voss, Ally, Shift Collective, New Orleans, LA

Colleen Cloke, Ally, Former Employee, New York, NY

Alaina Gaugis Carter, Museologist, New Orleans

Katherine, Ally, New Orleans

Anne Sanow, writer, New Orleans

Jennifer Shaw, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Austin Harkey, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Saiya Miller, Ally, Girls Rock New Orleans, New Orleans LA

t nobile, Poet, Educator, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Camm Harrison, MOCA employee, Los Angeles, CA

Ja'nese Brooks-Galathe, Artist, AYA DESIGNS GLOBAL, New Orleans, La

Byron Winbush, Chief of Security, Former Employee, New Orleans

Shani Peters + Joseph Cuillier, Co-Direcotrs, The Black School, New York

JD Wick, Ally/out of state, Seattle, WA

Brittney, Ally, New Orleans,LA

Marc D Perry, Educator, Scholar, Ally, New Orleans

Casi St. Julian, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

penny Francis, Ally, NEW ORLEANS

Nessa Wheatley, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Tammy Mercure, Artist, Ally, Violet, LA

Nam Olden, Ally, New Orleans

Lee Deigaard, Artist, ally, New Orleans

Lauren Wethers, Writer, New Orleans, LA

Leigh Harwood, Ally, Dancing Grounds, Silver Spring, MD

Alfred, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sebastian Sanchez, Ally, San Antonio, TX

Mallory, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Theodore Lau, Curator, Bay Area, CA

Adrienne Gaither, Artist, DC

jaime ding, researcher, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo

Loretta Park, Artist and Assistant Professor, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

Monique Verdin, Artist / Ally : Houma Nation, Another Gulf is Possible, Bvlbancha

Carolyn Schaefer, Ally, New Orleans

Brittney, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Sydney, Ally, Former Employee, New Orleans, LA

Mattie Blunt (Chelsea), Ally, New Orleans

Allie D, Organizer, New Orleans Mutual Aid Group, New Orleans,LA

Jane Cooper, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Heather Smith, Ally, Richmond, VA

Stephanie O’Neill, Activist, Richmond, VA

Gina Minor Allen, New Orleans resident, New Orleans, LA

Joy M Bruce, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sophia Larigakis, Editorial Assistant, Dia Art Foundation, ,New York, New York

Eric Strain, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Brenda Escobar, Artist, Los Angeles, California

Amy Crum, Ally, Art Historian, Former NOMA Intern, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca Madura, Artist and Arts Educator, Former NOMA Employee, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Olivia, Student, Amherst, MA

Harold Faberge, Artist, New Orleans

Andrew, Security, Former Employee, New Orleans

Jonny Campos, Musician, New Orleans

John Landis, Ally, New Orleans

Ariel Tusa, Ally, Former Graduate Intern, New Orleans, LA

Allison Chevis, Ally, New Orleans, LA

J Wilks, Activist, Nola

Kathryn McKinney, Ally, New York, NY

Arynne Fannin, Former NOMA employee, New Orleans, LA

Emily Shaw, Art Professional (various roles), Ally, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC

Lynda Cortez, Artist and Activist, Metairie, LA

Christopher deris, Artist, Slidell, LA

Chrissy Hardy, artist, New Orleans, LA

Cassie Janowski, Museum Experience Manager, Louisiana Children's Museum, New Orleans

Lizy, Visitor/nola resident, New Oreans LA

Tricia, Librarian, Maryland

Ileana Ortiz, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Julie D. Henderson, Friend, New Orleans

Susan Rigby, Former Employee, Visitor Services and Museum Store, Durham, NC (previously NOLA)

Rachael Bissell, Former Executive Assistant to the Director of NOMA, New Orleans, LA

Josie Gasperi, Ally, New York

Dara Epison, Ally, Philadelphia, PA

Remy Dee, Performance artist, aspiring ally, New Orleans, LA

Stephanie B, Native, Ally, New Orleans

Jerald L. White, Artist & Community Advocate, New Orleans, LA and Anderson, IN

MATTHEW THOMAS DETHROW, Artist, ally, New Orleans

Christian Fannin, Ally, NEW ORLEANS

Jackie, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Carolina, Ally, Long Beach, CA

Holly Wherry, ATR-BC, LPC-S, Art therapist, New Orleans

Bryan White, Ex employee, New Orleans L.a

Olivia B., Ally, New Orleans

Hannah Ashe, Art educator and community organizer, New Orleans

MJ Brown, Ally, San Francisco

Erica Christmas, Photographer, New Orleans, LA

Stephanie Triplett, PhD Candidate, ,University of Michigan, History of Art, Ann Arbor, MI

Sabine McCalla, Musician, Performer whose portrait by Gina Phillips is part of the museums collection, New Orleans, LA

Anastasia, artist and ally, Washington DC

Penelope Ojeda, Art Historian, New Orleans, LA

Madison Gilmore-Duffey, Ally, Jacksonville, FL

Karyn Bowen, Graphic Designer, Tuscaloosa, AL

Heather Bird Harris, artist, New Orleans

margaret coble, artist, activist, ally, New Orleans

Morgan Methvien, Ally, Tallahassee, Florida

Penelope, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Martin Payton, Artist, Baton Rouge, LA

Kychsa, Artist, student, former employee, New Orleans, LA

Rashayla Marie Brown, Artist, ,SAIC, Chicago

Camille Tucker, Ally, New Orleans

Cate Lefevre, Artist and Ally, Berkeley, CA

Leda, Designer, New Orleans

Jennifer Cernada, Ally, ASU, Tempe, AZ

Manon Scialfa, Ally, New Orleans

Crystal, Activist, Covington, Louisiana

Freddye Hill, Ally, New Orleans

Andrew Cohen, Ally, Des Moines, IA

Ariya Martin, Artist, Educator, New Orleans

Kei Youngblood, Grower, Educator, Organizer, NOLA

Rose Y., Ally, NOLA

Grant Carey, Ally, IWW, New Orleans

Carla J Williams, Store owner, Material Life, NEW ORLEANS

Troy Meredith, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jenna Leigh Rosenbloom, Artist and Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jonathan Traviesa, Artist / Educator / Ally, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Heather Hodge, Graduate student, New York

Rachel Goodwin, Artist, Ally, Art Museum worker, Durham

Tonya M. Foster, Poet and Professor, San Francisco, CA

Ariel Wilson-Harris, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jolene Pinder, Ally // Film + Media Arts worker, Chicago // New Orleans

Ann-Grace, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Allison McCarroll, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Lauren, Ally, BK, NYC

Claire Meunier, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Ericka Lassair, Chefpreneur, Diva Dawg, New Orleans

Jacqueline kulla, Photographer, Los Angeles CA

Blaire Taylor, Director of Finance and Operations, New Orleans, La

A. Jimenez, Designer, Berlin

Rebecca Snedeker, Clark Executive Director, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University, New Orleans

Lisa Cates, President, New Orleans Photo Alliance, New Orleans

Dakota Matthess, Artist, Westport, Connecticut

Ariel Vallotton, Ally, Metairie, LA and Arlington, VA

Brittney, Educator, New Orleans, LA

N.L. Webber, Art lover, New Orleans, LA

Théa Spring, Student, New Orleans

Nina Spring, Artist, film industry, New Orleans, LA

Caryn Blair, Community member, New Orleans

Sandy Guttman, Ally, Washington, DC

Hermione Malone, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Dave Greber, Artist, Ally, Joan Mitchell Center, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Becky Quintal, Ally, New Orleans, LA

alexandra pittel, artist, ally, detroit, michigan

Maddie Higgins, Ally, Indiana

India King Robins, Executive Director, NOVAC, New Orleans

Lauren Stroh, Writer (and 2x former intern of the museum), New Orleans, Louisiana

Shar, Art Director/ Curator, Philadelphia

Savanna Meekins, Former patron, New Orleans

Renee Liu, Ally, New Orleans

Marissa A Wendte, Ally, New Orleans

Lauren Senie, Former NOMA Visitor Services Manager, International School of Louisiana Teacher, New Orleans, LA

Adhira Divagaran, Artist, Activist and Medical Student, New Orleans, LA

Chasity, Poet, University of New Orleans, Nola

Sophia Mercado, Ally, Indiana

Mamae Bolton Hingle, Art Teacher, New Orleans, Louisiana

Chelsea Franks, Ally, Metairie, LA

Sunny Moore, Friend, Los Angeles, CA

Emily Wilkerson, Ally, Arts Professional, New Orleans, LA

Austin, Ally, New Orleans

Jennifer Francino, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Maia Murphy, Ally, Brooklyn, NY

Sherito, Ally, Richmond, Virginia

Lauren. A.Carter, ally, Charlotte, NC

Shannon Borg, Arist, Ally, Friend, Friday Harbor, WA

Padi Fuster, Ally, New Orleans

Amber, Ally, Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Wagner, Community Member, New Orleans

Pam Nath, Supporter, New Orleans

James Williams, Worker, New Orleans

Derrick Hemphill, Fine Art Printer, New Orleans, LA

Marilyn Amar, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Kate Scott, Gallery Manager, Former Employee, New York, NY

dj boyd, NOMA gallery attendant, New Orleans

Twin Cities Museum Collective, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Diana MB Roberts, Retired Program Administrator, Department if External Affairs, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA

Lely Constantinople, Artist, ally, teacher, Washington DC

Grayson Rosenfeld, Human, Washington, DC

Ivy Mouledoux, Ally, New Orleans

Sophie T. Lvoff, Artist, Marseille, Fr.

Kathryn, Artivist, Screamer Alabama

Caroline, Ally, Former Intern, Baton Rouge, LA

Denisio, Artist, Designer, New Orleans, La

Marilee Eaves, Writer, ally, New Orleans, LA

Kelsey Offen, NOMA Administrative Coordinator, New Orleans

Catherine Todd, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Where Y'art, New Orleans

Joshua Thaddeus Hill, Writer, New Orleans

Sophia Belkin, Artist, New Orleans

Sophie T. Lvoff, Artist, ally, Tulane University , Marseille, France

Kelly, Ally, Austin TX

Marie Roussel, Ally and patron, Gretna, LA

Taylor Brandon, Activist, former sfmoma employee, Oakland, CA

Anna Mecugni, Assistant Professor of Art History, University of New Orleans, New Orleans

Michelle R, Former Employee, Ally, New Orleans

M'issa, Ally, Librarian, New Orleans, LA

Hassan Hasan, Ex employee, NEW ORLEANS

Denise Frazier, Assistant Director, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, New Orleans

Bmo, Artist, Los Angles, CA

Dr. Sarah Woodward, Artist, Educator, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Branna E, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Lauren Leving, Curator, accomplice & former New Orleanian, Cleveland, OH

Lexie Casais, Ally, Wellesley, MA

Emma Gamble, Ally, New York, NY

Fredo Rivera, Assistant Professor of Art History, Grinnell College, Miami

Spencer Shaw, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Sokari Ekine, Artist, Abolitionist, Republic of Spirit Desire: No Boarders, No Genders, No Hierarchies, New Orleans, LA

Najma Nuriddin, Artist, Baltimore

Shannah Petite, Ally, Gonzales

Hayley Woodward, Art Historian, Ally, New Orleans

Scott White, Ally, SLC, UT

Clayton Shelvin, Performing Arts Director, Former NOMA employee, Lafayette, LA

Kimberly Gibson, Activist, New Orleans

Tabitha Austin, Art Conservator, New Orleans

Kate Madura, Artist, Ally, New Orleans

Brian O’Neal, Former NOLA Resident, Boston, MA

Tiffany Hall, Arts Administrator, New Orleans, LA

Cameron Fuller, POC, New Orleans Louisiana

Carris Adams, Artist, Houston, TX

Ruth Owens, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Michael Hellier, Ally, New Orleans

Lindsay Pritchard, Former Ogden Museum employee, New Orleans

Lola Donado, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Asha Andriana, Curator, Oak Park, IL

Jeffreen M. Hayes, Curator, Advocate, Arts Leader, Chicago

Beryl Johns, Artist, Gallerist, New Orleans, LA

Grace, artist and ally, New Orleans

Diana MB Roberts, Retired, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA

Stephanie Anders, Teacher, Ally, New Orleans

Melanie Flood, Artist, Portland

Yuka Petz, Artist, Ally, Former New Orleanian, Seattle, WA

Jenny Ly, Educator, New Orleans

Annie Bachrach, Social Worker, New Orleans, LA

Irina Contreras, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

TraciAmanda Washington, Educator, University of Cincinnati, New Orleans/ Cincinnati

Mariah Moore, Co-Director House of Tulip, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Krystal Hardy Allen, Founder/CEO, K. Allen Consulting, New Orleans, LA

Brandi Miles, Ally, Gretna, LA

M, Activist, Nola

Malliron L Hodge, Former New Orleans Resident, Silver Spring, MD

Krystal Hardy Allen, Founder/CEO, K. Allen Consulting, New Orleans, LA

Victoire Tran, Ally, New York, NY

Dee Dee Bridgewater, Artist/Ally, New Orleans, LA

Rosa Palermo, Family Programs Coordinator, New York Transit Museum, New York, New York

Kristen Crain, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Eduardo Gonzalez, Educator, New Orleans

Amanda Broyard Bonam, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Valerie, Ally, French Quarter, New Orleans

Pippin Frisbie-Calder, Artist, Ally, Educator, New Orleans

Kaitlin Gelman, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Hannah Gelman, Artist, Activist, and Ally, New Orleans, LA

Mardee Goff, Curator and Art Advisor, Independent (former BMoCA Curator), Denver, Colorado

de lan, artist, New Orleans

Kjelshus Collins, Artist, ally, Oklahomegrown, New Orleans

Emily, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Catherine Urquhart, Artist & Ally, Metairie, LA

Mariah Berlanga-Shevchuk, Museum Professional and Ally, Portland, OR

Jessie Steffen, Former Employee, New Orleans, LA

free feral, musician, New Orleans

Gabriella Joy Andino, Art Historian and Critic, New Orleans, LA

Cheryl Ann Hayes, Emeritus Professor, retired, The University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Edward A Reed II, Visitor, New Orleans, La

Dee Dee Bridgewater, Artist/Ally, New Orleans, LA

Renee Leach, Ally, New Orleans

Simon Lott, Musician, New Orleans, LA

Frank Cha, Ally, Richmond, VA

Kate Tews, Ally raised in NOLA in a family steeped in the arts, Los Angeles CA (with NOLA roots)

Joe Stern, Asst Professor of English (retired) Southern University @ New Orleans, Take Em Down NOLA, New Orleans LA

Jasmine Liang, Artist, San Francisco, CA

Matilde Manicardi, Student, Italy, Modena

Aimée Toledano, Artist and Program Director, Material Institute, New Orleans

danielle miles, artist/ally, new orleans, la

Elizabeth, Arts writer, Baton Rouge, LA

Babbette hines, Friend, New Orleans LA

Ariana Faye Allensworth, Arts Administrator, Brooklyn

Thomas Torres, NOMA Sculpture Garden Building and Mechanical Coordinator, New Orleans

Francis Wong, Artist, Ally, Mandeville, but always New Orleans

Danielle Burrell, Wellness Consultant, New Orleans

Laurel Greilich, Ally, New Orleans

Nora See, Artist, Ally, New Orleans

Eden krolopp, Ally, NEW ORLEANS

Sherice Campbell, Intern, Baton Rouge, La

Lily stander, Ally, San Francisco, CA

Christy C. Beshears, Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Alexis Williams, Artist, ally, activist, Cambridge, MA

Monsieur Zohore, Artist, Baltimore

Kirsten, Ally, Atlanta, GA

Abram Shalom Himelstein, Publisher, New Orleans

Allie B., Student, Louisville, KY

Nicole Lorsong, Ally, Scappoose, OR

Deja McCollum, Ally, Pinehurst, NC

Kelsey Scult, Artist, New Orleans

Alexandria Pankey, Artist, Nashville, Tn

Sam Bowler, Friend and Supporter, Culturalyst, New Orleans, LA

Kristina Lee, Artist, Encino, CA

Audrey Moore, Former museum employee, Austin, TX

L A Collins, Artist, Activist, Photographer, New Orleans, Louisiana

Miranda Hopkins, Artist, Portland, OR

J, Student with art history major, Netherlands

Cal Benitex, Ally, Everett, Massachusetts

Paige Heurtin, Director of Operations, Alternate ROOTS, Atlanta GA

Grace Rennie, Arts Administrator, New Orleans, LA

Damia Khanboubi, Artist, New Orleans

Faye LaBonte, Artist, New Orleans

Nylah Byrd, Art Conservation Student, Wilmington DE

Zhen Teng, NOLA resident, New Orleans

Colin Orihuela, Artist and Ally, New Orleans, LA

Jenny, Ally, LOUISIANA

Caroline Senter, Writer, New Orleans

Blasmine Jake, Artist, Metairie, LA

The Neutral Ground Collective, Director of Expressive Art Therapies, New Orleans

Kayla Moran, Ally, New Orleans, La

Cassidy, Ally, Clifton, NJ

Oliver Eskildsen, Ally, New Orleans

Tori Bush, Teacher/writer, New Orleans

Former Employee, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Rachel Bragg, Preservation Specialist, Museum Professional- Georgia Association of Museums, Atlanta,GA

Zella Palmer, Director, ally, professor, NEW ORLEANS

Julia Taylor, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Randall Schmit, Fine Artist, in the permanent collection of NOMA, New York

Melinda Freeman, Artist, Seattle, WA

Emily Moore, Museum worker, Washington, DC

MS, Conservation Graduate Student, Wilmington, DE

AnnieLaurie Erickson, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Adam Crosson, Artist, Assistant Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Cady K., Artist, Old Orchard Beach, ME

naomi yoder, Artist, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Alyssa Dorsey, Ally/ Art and History lover, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jen Davis, Artist, Program Director, New Orleans

Yuna S., Artist & Ally, Anaheim, CA

Ebony G Patterson, Artist, Chicago, IL

Maria schneider, Educator, New Orleans, LA

Meghsha Sqawsan, Ally, New Orleans

Maddy Fox, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Joris Lindhout, Educator, artist, New Orleans

Brooke Pickett, Artist, New Orleans

Juliet Davidson, Ally, New York City

Matthew Perez, Ally, New York City

Cam Blair, Ally, Conway, MA

Kelsey Offen, Current NOMA Administrative Coordinator, New Orleans, LA

Kaitlyn, Ally, NY

Abigail Moone, Ally, Clinton, NY

Tessa ter Horst, Art Educator, Denver, CO

Jane Tardo, Artist, New Orleans

Emily Bonenfant, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Charles A. Boyle, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Frederick "Wood" Delahoussaye, Chief Creative Officer, Ashé Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans

Tina Orlandini, Artist/Cultural Organizer, New Orleans, LA

Anna Bell Hines, New Orleans Public School Teacher, Take 'Em Down NOLA, New Orleans

Omie Johnson, Artist, New Orleans

Kat Sotelo, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell, artist, New Orleans

Nancy O, Former employee & current Social Worker, New Orleans

Mina Ananth, former bartender at NOMA events, Los Angeles, CA

Ellen Lesperance, Ally, Portland, OR

Elise Apffel, Ally, Mandeville, Louisiana

Laurin D. Jefferson, Activist, Artist, Educator, New Orleans, LA

Kit Sternberger, Stage manager, New Orleans, Louisiana

Samantha Capak, Teacher, New Orleans

keita d mutepfa, Ally, River Ridge

Jessica Moss, Artist, Charlotte, NC

Camille Roane, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Kaisas Peguero, Programs Manager, CAC, New Orleans

Olivia G Barone, Ally, New Orleans

Regina Agu, Artist, Chicago, IL

Ellen g, former employee, Worked at noma as an intern and then later at the front desk, nola native

Karina, Ally, Healthcare worker, New Orleans, LA

RJ, Supporter, BR, LA

WLF DRVN, Artist, New Orleans

Kenny Murphy, Artist, New Orleans, LA


Alia Ali, Artist, LOS ANGELES

Lauren Hémard, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Helen Gillet, Musician, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Jessica C. Neal, Archivist, Mobile, AL

Angie Lopez, activist and art history student, Lodi, New Jersey

Jesse, Accomplice, Nola

Alexandria Pang, Ally, New York, NY

Vivian Chang, Ally, Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Drapala, Ally, PhD Student at Bard Graduate Center, New York, NY

Jennifer Mills, Ally, Local Business Owner, Former employee, New Orleans

Elsa Thyss, Conservator, Chicago

Eddie, Artist, NY

Sienna Pinderhughes, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Armando Pulido, Research Assistant, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

Sophie, Ally, Art historian, Ireland

Marion Martin, Ally, revolutionary educator, New Orleans

Su Prevost, Activist Artist, New Orleans, LA

Valerie Capitanich, Ally, New Orleans

Kasandra L., Ally, Former NOMA Accounting Asst., RI

Katie Boleware, 2nd generation New Orleanian, New Orleans

Gina Furnari, Artist, friend, West Caldwell, NJ

Daniel Pritchett, Ally, Current Employee , New Orleans

Brigid Fortner, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Amara Higuera Hopping, Artist & Museum Educator, LA County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Kenward, Ally, San Francisco, CA

Andrée, Ally, Louisiana

Alec De Leon, Artist, Arts Administrator, New Orleans, LA

Chelsea Flora, Artist, activist, ally, New Orleans LA

Elaine Muggivan, Teacher, Lafayette, LA

Alicia A Rosemond, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Laura Richens,, artist, arts educator, New Orleans

Esther Clowney, Arts Educator, Community Works of LA, New Orleans

Rachel Swan, Supporter, New Orleans

Sydney Sheffield, ally, New Orleans, LA

Luke Tokman, Ally, Richmond, VA

Melissa Roberts, Ally, Monroe, Louisiana

T.M.S., Current Employee, New,Orleans

Isabela Perez, Artist, CDMX, México

Ed Charles, Ally, Long Beach, Ca

Jennifer Kleven, Artist and arts administrator, Las Vegas, NV

Jeff Klein, Artist, Activist, Program Director, Ally, AfricaNola/ GlobalNola, New Orleans

Taylor Leigh Jackson, Ally, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE

Vanessa, Artist, The Front Collective, New Orleans

Jennifer Barkley, Ally, New Orleans

Olandra Lickter, Art Lover, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Isabelle Guzman, Activist, artist, influencer, New Orleans

Jordan Mintz, Art Historian, Ally, Tulane University, New Orleans

Hazel Huey, Artist, Washington, DC

Rachel Harmeyer, PhD candidate, Art History, Rice University, New Orleans

Marigny Heller, Ally, New Orleans

Danisha Brown, Educator, New Orleans, LA

Dana Perry, Ally, New Orleans, Louisiana

Madison Roy, Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Amanda Mendoza, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Kaitlin Barber Ploof, Ally, New Orleans

Diana Nawi, Curator, Los Angeles

J. Limjuco, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Rachel Breunlin, Anthropologist, University of New Orleans, New Orleans

Ned Randolph, III, professor, New Orleans, LA

Naima J. Keith, Curator, Los Angeles, CA

Mathew, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Grace Deveney, Curator, New Orleans, LA

Anonymous, Arts Researcher & Advocate, New Orleans, LA

Nicholas de Godoy Lopes, Scholar, New York, NY

Gia M. Hamilton, Ally & Worker and Executive Director and Chief Curator of the New Orleans African American Museum

Afrofuture Society, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Nick Stillman, Ally & Arts Worker, New Orleans, LA

Louisa, Ally & Member of NOMA, New Orleans, LA

Jade Johnson, Teaching Artist, New Orleans, LA

A Scribe Called Quess?, Artist, Activist, New Orleans, LA

Elyssa Fonicello, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Brandon Frisbie, Ally, Bentonville, Arkansas

Brittawnee Enos, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Bryant Alcee Thibodeaux, Artist/Activist, New Orleans, LA

Jessica Womack, PhD Candidate, Philadelphia, PA Princeton University

Abdi Farah, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Noamy Sechooler, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Maria Horton, Artist/Activist/Ally, New Orleans, LA

Ryane Buck, Artist, Birmingham, AL

Georgia Smith, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Sean Tyler, Artist/Ally, Tulsa, OK

Erin Lewis, Writer, Charlotte, NC

Yari, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Caroline Smit, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Art Handlers Alliance, Advocacy Group, New York, NY

Paco H., Ally, Houston, TX

Kaitlyn K Eddins, Ally, Wichita, KS

Lon Smith, M.A., M.P.A, Former Executive Director, Wichita, KS

Julia Takada Mitchell, Ally, Austin, TX

Abby, Ally, Clearwater, FL

Mira Dayal, Artist, Critic, Brooklyn, NY

Summer Behling, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Vijay Masharani, Artist, New York, NY

Emory Douglas, Social Justice Artist, SAN FRANCISCO

Vanessa Thill, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Ali Smith Gong, Student, Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca June, Artist, Vancouver, Canada

Xaviera Simmons, artist-arts worker, New York, NY

Azikiwe Mohammed, Producer, New York

Lynn Maliszewski, Museum Professional and compatriot, New York, NY

Joey Feffer, Ally, State College, PA

Cole Lu, Artist, New York

Amy Oppenheim, Executor, Dennis Oppenheim Estate, New York, New York

Ryan Oskin, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Seize the Museum, Museum advocacy group

Nidhish Sasi, Artist, physician, New York City

Jordan Strafer, Artist, Brooklyn

Nicholas Paskert, resident, New Orleans

Allison Moore, Ally, Richmond VA, VMFA

Thursday Barrentine, Ally, New York City

Dr. Melvin T. Peters, Emeritus African American Studies Prof., Belleville, MI

Karla Rosas, Artist, New Orleans

Maya, Artist, New Orleans

Helen Gillet, Artist, New Orleans

Sarah of Ross, Artist and Educator, Chicago, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Karya, Ally, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Megan Kosmoski, Co-Founder, New Orleans, New Orleans Box Office

Rebeca, Person, Curicó, Curicó

Alexandra Paul Zotov, Communications, New York, NY, Creative Time

Cassandra Erb, Artist/Exhibition Designer, New Orleans, LA

Jenny LeBlanc, Local Mom, New Orleans, LA

Lamont J. Douglas, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Brooke Y., Artist & Ally, New Orleans, LA

Mallory Whitfield, Artist & Creative Professional, New Orleans, LA

Sandie McCarthy-Brown, Ally, New Orleans

Christopher Givens, Artist, Writer, Director, New Orleans, LA

Christopher Kaminstein, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Johnathon Perry-Marx, Theater Technician, New Orleans, LA

Keysha Rivera, Artist, New Orleans, LA

Lia Gangitano, Director, New York, NY

Domonique Harness, Artist/Ally, Harvey, LA

Rachel Finkelstein, Artist/MFA student, Long Beach, CA

Yoojin Oh, Artist and Arts Administrator, Los Angeles, CA

Samantha Best, Exhibition Manager, Prospect NO, New Orleans, LA

Natalie Bell, Curator, Cambridge, MA

Gideon Fortune, Ally, Brooklyn, NY

Mashaera L. Alexander, Student & Ally, New Orleans, LA

Miriam M. Basilio Gaztambide, Professor, Brooklyn

Morgan Alford, student, ally, Cincinnati

Delia Tomino Nakayama, Artist and ESL teacher, New Orleans

Rebecca Pons, Artist/Photographer/Designer, New Orleans

LaTanya S. Autry, Cultural organizer, co-producer of #MuseumsAreNotNeutral, Gund Curator in Residence, moCa Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Claudia Handel, Activist, Student, New Orleans

Batyah Selis, student, Grinell, Iowa

Kayla Reado, Artist, Advocate, Student, New Orleans, Louisiana

Darius Christiansen, New Orlean made Activist and Artist, New Orleans, LA

Margot Herster, Artist, Educator, New Orleans & Kansas City