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Spring Break
April 8, 2024

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had a relaxing break and are feeling refreshed!

Book of the Week
April 15, 2024

by Monica Wesolowska

Shortly after his birth, Elbert floats into the air and as he grows everyone tries to ground him, except for his mother, who encourages Elbert to be himself.

Interest Level: K-3

"Azmina, Willa, and Naomi are thrilled to learn they're Glitter Dragon Girls. Summoned to the Magic Forest by its magnificent ruler, the Tree Queen, the girls quickly find out their dragon-selves have unbelievable abilities...As Dragon Girls, they are sworn protectors of the forest and must help keep it safe from the troublesome Shadow Sprites, who are determined to take the forest's magic for their own"--Provided by publisher.

Interest Level: 3-6

Featured Marigold Resource

Featured Marigold Resource
April 9, 2024

Aligned to the Alberta Curriculum, Solaro offers study help and exam prep for Math, English/LA, and Science for grades 3-12, and Social Studies for grades 6, 9-12. This resource has quizzes, tutorials, and you can create your own flashcards directly on the site.



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