Discoverie Bangkok

 The Last 2023 XM Anomaly (Primary Site) - November 18 2023

Sawasdee, Agents.

Welcome to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The city which fulfill of foods and nice people welcome you with their smile. But don't let them make you forget who you are and why you are be one of us, the resistance

Please join us on another epic warfare to protect humenity from aliens which we call them "Sharper" and their followers, Enlightened Agents .

The Discoverie Anomaly at Bangkok is primary site. You will face your forever enemy in the battlefield that make you stun with iconic landmarks, well-blended multi-cultures, tons of well-know delicious dishes, varieties street foods and drinks for 24 hrs. 

We need you, agents. And we hope to meet you here...

Vive la résistance.

What is Anomaly ?

Anomaly or full name "XM Anomaly" is the largest warfare with honor and fun. Each team have there tactical strategic and way to fight for the victory. 

Agents of both factions compete to accomplish various objectives on top of normal Ingress gameplay in 3-4 hours. The faction who scores the most total points across every event in the series wins the Anomaly, and often the Ingress storyline changes based on the anomaly events. 

Whatever you are new agent, or experienced one. Anomaly is what you should not miss if you have a chance.  And the Resistance need everyone to fight together. Be in the teamplay,  meet up new agents and enjoy every minutes of honor.

And optional end up to after party! Great beer and friends.

We need your help.

Side missions.

Not only you can enjoy the XM Anomaly, but there are also side missions waiting for you to play and earn your badges.

Contact Us

POC - Aunarisk (Telegram : @Aunarisk)

POC - AlexinTH (Telegram : @AlexinTH)