Digital Disengagement in Russia and the UK

Most of research on disconnection, opt out and digital refusal up to date has taken place in English and in the western context. But how is digital disengagement understood and practices elsewhere? Together with the Russian "Club for Internet and Society", we explored the phenomenon of digital disengagement in Russa. Jointly, we have organised a "Digital Disengagement" section in the online school of Internet research which took place in March-May 2018. Currently, wiht the support of Moscow High School of Economics and Manchester Metropolitan University and its Research Centre for Applied Social Sciences, we are working on a comparative project of discources and practices of digital disengagement in the two countries.


  • Adi Kuntsman, Imogen Rattle, Gerard Devney (UK)
  • Polina Kolozaridi, Anna Schatvina, Elli Ponomareva, Ekaterina Bogdanova (Russia)