Context and license

This is a text for a first undergraduate Differential Equations course. It does not assume previous coverage of Linear Algebra. This book includes applications from many disciplines, and integrates the use of the open-source computer algebra system Maxima or SageMath throughout. This free online book should be usable as a stand-alone textbook or as a supplementary resource.

You can use, print, duplicate, share this book as much as you want. You can base your own book on it and reuse parts if you keep the license the same. If you plan to use it commercially (sell it for more than duplicating cost), then you need to contact me and we will work something out.

This work is heavily based upon the open-source book Notes on Diffy Qs: Differential Equations for Engineers by Jiri Lebl. That book has been selected as an Approved Textbook in the American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative.

Major changes include:

  • Stripping the chapters on PDEs and nonlinear systems.
  • Creating a full chapter on linear algebra topics.
  • Strengthening the presentation of review topics, including hyperbolic functions and complex numbers.
  • Inserting instruction and exercises using the computer algebra system Maxima or SageMath.
  • Adding applications in healthcare, chemistry and pharmacy.

Further content was adapted from these open-source resources:

I am grateful to all authors listed on the Attributions page, and indeed all open-source creators, for making their materials available. Without this publishing model, I probably would not have been able to to realize this project. What a nice way for us to collaborate! I am also grateful to the authors listed on the Further Reading page, for influencing my thinking on this subject, and its presentation.