Teaching at Rice University:

POLI 339: Gender and Politics

POLI 461: Women and Leadership

POLI 520: Approaches to Comparative Government

Teaching at Texas A&M:

POLS/WGST 367: Women in Government in Comparative Perspective

POLS 689: Seminar in Political Behavior

Teaching at Indiana University:

POLS Y107: Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLS Y300: Democratic Institutions in Comparative Perspective

POLS Y335: West European Politics

POLS Y353/GNDR 302: Politics of Gender & Sexuality

POLS Y657/GNDR G701: Women in Politics in Comparative Perspective

Teaching at USC:

POSC 120: Comparative Politics

POSC 360: Politics of Anglo-American Political Systems

POSC 463: European Politics

SWMS 554: Women in Global Perspective

POSC 640: Seminar in Problems in Comparative Politics

Teaching at Washington University in St. Louis:

Pol Sci 357: Gender and Politics in Global Perspective

IA 524: Methods and Research Design in International Studies