On occasion, I write about gender and politics for the popular press.

Piscopo, Jennifer, Diana Z. O'Brien, and Amanda Clayton. "Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have a problem: They're all men." 2018. The Los Angeles Times, 26 September.

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My work has also been featured in other news outlets.

My work on all-male panels and democratic legitimacy with Amanda Clayton and Jennifer Piscopo has been featured in the Washington Post and the Pacific Standard.

My study of female defense ministers with Tiffany Barnes has been featured in The Guardian (reprinted in SecurityWomen, Eve Afrique), Bloomberg's View (reprinted or featured in Il Giornale (Italian), Courier Quotidiano (Italian), Formiche (Italian), Capital (Greek), Differ News (Greek), UOL Economia (Portuguese)​, Diario Gestión (Portuguese) Defensa Net (Portuguese), Brasil Soberano e Livre (Portuguese), Exame (Portuguese) hk01 (Chinese), Thể thao & Văn hóa(Vietnamese)), New York Minute Magazine, and Magazine Delle Donne (Spanish).

My work with Mona Lena Krook on women in cabinets has been reported by MSNBC and the Christian Science Monitor. And, I chatted with Kathleen Dunn of Wisconsin Public Radio about gender quotas for women in politics.

Sometimes I even tweet about gender and politics at @dianazobrien.