Evergreen Studios

The Evergreen Stage in Los Angeles, California boasts a storied history, one that dates back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, when it was known as the Magnolia Theatre.

Formerly owned by DiaDan Holdings Ltd. of Nova Scotia, this well-equipped sound stage and recording studio has been open since 1979 and features a 3,000 square foot live room which has hosted a long line of musical greats from Placido Domingo to Kelly Clarkson to Paul McCartney. But not only solo acts have enjoyed the space—it can accommodate both live bands and orchestras, with enough space for 80 musicians.

The hub of the control room is its 72-channel Neve 8078 mixing console and is well-equipped with three isolation booths, a projection screen, and a comprehensive array of gear. A wide variety of digital and analog tracking options make high levels of sound performance possible for the most discerning ear.

The Evergreen Stage is the site of the original Magnolia Theatre, which was built in the 1940s and distinguished itself both for its unique appearance—having a front façade in the shape of the Eiffel Tower—and being used as a glamorous backdrop for classic movies such as Pushover (1954), Night Moves (1975) and more recently, the Oscar-winning La La Land (2016).

After the Magnolia closed, The Evergreen Stage continued its relationship with Hollywood when it was utilized as a sound stage for television programs such as Friends, and Dallas, along with classic film and television projects including Back to the Future, When Harry Met Sally, Urban Cowboy, The Blues Brothers, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Octopussy, The Simpsons Movie, and more.

DiaDan Holdings Ltd. purchased the studio in 2010 and owned it until 2017.