Alone, we can only do so little. Together, we can do much more.

We want to thank everyone for their efforts. The amount raised has exceeded US $150,000! The next two weeks will be the most critical moment for the entire United States, including our DFW region. As the testing capabilities increase, the number of confirmed cases will continue to substantially grow. Medical staff and First Responders are risking their lives to protect us. Providing them protection is protecting ourselves. We hope the US government will come with soon solve the PPE shortage! According to the cities further down the path, the darkest hour is still coming! To buy ourselves more time, masks are urgently needed. DFWCare and related groups will try our best to cover the shortage in PPE, and we hope we can stay strong for this final push! We need everyone's help to get through this last big shipment. Contributions of any amount will help flatten the curve.

我们一路竭力狂奔,感恩于每个人的努力,募集的金额已经超过15万美金!在接下来的两周的时间,全美国包括DFW地区都进入了最关键的时刻,随着检测能力的上升,确诊病例的数量会继续的大量增长。医护人员以及First Responders们,都是冒着生命的危险,尽最大的努力来保护我们的安全。而让他们得到足够的保护,也是保护我们自己。我们只能期待美国国家队能够跟上!根据我们前方反馈情况,黎明前的黑暗将是至暗!为了能和死神抢时间, 最后一刻紧急加上一单急需口罩!目前资金缺口是DFWCare及相关团体及个人提前垫付,希望我们鼓足力气站好最后这班岗!需要大家的帮助筹足最后一个大订单,为将峰值控制在收治能力以内做一点贡献!

Methods of Donation:

Quickpay/Paypal: (add note: DFW CoVID-19 Response)

Account number: 488047415623

Routing number: 111000025 (paper & electronic) 026009593 (wires)

We encourage you to check with your employer’s charity committee to provide matching for your donation.

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Thank you for your support and love! We work together. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at In addition, if you need an invoice, please email to