Thank you!

Through DFWCare, we got to work with so many wonderful people. Together, we fought for fourty days and nights towards a common goal. On April 25, 2020, DFWCare has successfully been concluded.

This grassroots donation organization was initiated by Professor Liu Fuqin and has received great assistance from the Ramunion USA as well as the J Angel Foundation. Everyone's support and dedication helped us create an anti-epidemic organization in just 40 days. In fact, many of us only met through the creation of this group. Even when we met, we wore masks and did not know the true face of each other. Many years later, at tea and dinner, we will reminiscence about this experience. When it comes to DFWCare, everyone will quietly smile at the memory.

A summary from March 17th to April 29th

Total donations received: $ 239,500

There were about 500+ donors and organizations, many more who donated through other groups, and some anonymous supporters.

Total expenditure: $ 239,050

Material purchase + shipping $ 237619, other $ 1431 (payment service fee BOA: $ 86, PayPal: $ 153, GoFundMe: $ 379, local shipping fee $ 813)

Remaining: $ 450

Purchase materials & quantity:

In addition to the purchase of our supplies, there were also many community donations. Altogether, there were more than 150,000 masks (including 70,000 KN95), 100,000 gloves, 6,000 face masks, 3,000 goggles, 2,000 protective clothing, 600 isolation garments, and hundreds of barrels of sterile wipes.

Even more hand-made mask groups have produced thousands of exquisite hand-made masks for communities and medical staff.

Total recipients:

81 hospitals, medical institutions (80% of hospitals have donated more than twice, up to 4 times)

18 nursing homes

10 Police Department / Fire Brigade

In just 40 days, we received an average of 6,000 US dollars a day, and spent an average of 6,000 US dollars a day. On average, 4,000 masks were donated every day. The small number represents the powerful energy and cohesion of DFWCare. Thank you to everyone who participated in volunteers and donors, and the supporters have brought positive energy to DFWCare.

Our volunteers are:

Hospital Contact Group: Keren Wang, Hui Kang, Sabrina Shi, Kuang Zhang, Canming Cobble, Frank Yang, Susan Hagenseker, Jin He, Ellen Sun, Bo Luo, Arnold Yan, Jenny Jiang, Jing He, Polly Chiang, Annie Feng, Carol Li, Erin Zhao, Ying Cao, Yan Dong Zhang, Alicia Yang, Moqu Li, Ying Chen, Y. Zu, Sam Zhu, Qing Gua, AnH

Material distribution group: Grace Wang, Natasha Tsay, Jerry Zhou, Katherine Li, Joanna Zhou, Robert Feng, Ying Cao, Diana Wang, Hank Zhang, Michelle Li, Qiong Li, Jin He, Jessica Xia, Polly Chiang, Yan Shi, Sunny Yang, Jian Wu, James Lu, Mia Qiao, Katherine Tribble, Yang Xia, Peter Deng, Hongying Shi, Jing Shao, Liqiao Ruggles, Erin Anderson, Constance Stanton, Yu Qing, Alejandra K. Reyes, Yunping He, Yue-hua Du, Qin Lou, Hung Yi, Yajun Xie

Social Media Team: Jing Zhang, Grace Shao, GoWa, Rene Zhang, Qiongxia Lin, Season, Wendy You, Diana Wang, Alice Cao, Richard Cao, David Li

Donation group: Yuyan Yan, Jenny Wang, Bin Li, Judy Chu, Jennifer Wang, Tina Zhu, Yimeng Han

Material purchase and logistics: Leo Yunfei, Yu Qing, Jim Hu, JC, Jing Zhang

Expert Group: Fuqin Liu, Guoming Li, Ge Zhao, Wendy Wu, Xiaoxin Xi, Lily Murphy, Justin Zhang, Leo Yunfei, Grace Wang

Fabric mask team: More than forty volunteers led by Zhao Qing, Suzie, Patty, Jin Ling working day and night to make nearly five thousand fabric masks

Core group: Fuqin Liu, Yuyan Yan, Jenny Wang, Bin Li, Judy Chu, Jennifer Wang, Tina Zhu, Keren Wang, Grace Wang, Jing Zhang, Leo Yunfei, Qing Yu, Jim Hu

Detailed purchases, a list of donations and donations, and a list of donations will be published on DFWCare.org

Although DFWCare has concluded, we will continue to distribute the remaining PPE to medical institutions during the buffer period. Ramunion USA will continue to serve the community.

DFWCare.org will continue to report DFWCare volunteer stories and interviews until the end of the buffer period.

April 6 - 7, 2020

As of the early morning of 4/7, our total donations totaled $201,457 in addition to RMB37,930! The total expenditure is $ 212,145. Thank you for your support, and hope that we will continue to work hard and fight together until dawn!

Due to the hard work of the hospital contact group, we conducted the largest distribution event from DFWCare on 4/7, where a total of 22 hospitals received donations! Your love has been spread to the medical staff of 22 medical institutions, and in return they show us smiles and relief.

The material distribution and management team continued to pick up two large batches of goods yesterday and today (10,000 KN95 and 1,200 protective clothing). They have a well-organized and detailed process for inspection, storage, inventory, and preparation of donations for more than 20 hospitals. With so many hospitals, the process must be efficient and orderly.

The purchasign team continues to track the goods that are about to arrive and are temporarily putting a pause on bulk purchases, but enough to meet hospital needs.

The publicity team produced a mask production team feature, which was great. Next, they will work on volunteer features. We also recorded mask test videos and improved wearing methods.

April 6 to 7 Institutions receiving donations:

Exceptional Emergency Center-Fort Worth

Exceptional Emergency Center- Sachse

UTSW Parkland & Clements

North park health center (Derrick)

City Hospital at White Rock


Methodist Richardson Medical Center

USMD Hospital Arlington

Lakewood ER, Dallas

Dallas regional hospital

Baylor Scott and White Irving- Internal Medicine

Baylor Dallas Internal Medicine

Baylor University Medical Center-ER

Baylor Dallas ICU

Texoma Medical Center

Prestige Hospital-Dallas

Select Specialty Hospital-Dallas

Garden Terrace Alzheimer's Center of Excellence

ICare ER adn Urgent Care-Frisco

North Texas Personal care homes

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Sunnyvale

Hunt Regional Medical Center- Greenville

              Coppell Police Station

                         Irving Police Station

                         Dart Police Station

                         Flower Mound Fire Department

Alone we do so little. Together we can do so much!

April 2 - 3, 2020

As of 4 / 3rd 11:59 PM, our total donations have climbed to $154,002 in addition RMB37,930! The total expenditure is $141,629. Today is the Chingming Festival, so let's look forward towards a brighter future! We will put our best efforts forth to fill the needs of hospitals until then. The current demand for PPE is large, so I hope we can get through this final push!

We have received a large amount of hospital thank-you letters and as well as PPE requests. The situation is more severe than last week. I hope the turning point will come soon, and that official materials will be issued as soon as possible. Until then, we will continue to work hard and struggle for our medical staff, for our police firefighters, for ourselves!

The hospital contact team is currently preparing for the 4/4 and 4/6 hospital distribution.

Community material donation: KN95 310, N95 65, Surgical Mask 360

The material purchase team closely keeps track of the path the materials are taking. Due to the uncertainty of logistics, it is necessary to be able to contact every point at any time.

The material management team counted the donated items and received a large amount of goods on 4/3, which was ready for the hospital distribution team. Thanks to Yu Qing, Owner of Yu Services, for the hard work! Every time the goods are received, they must be laboriously delivered (taking several hours!).

The hospital material distribution team is ready to arrange 4/4 distribution

After receiving the supplies, the DFWCare Ramunion Club team moved quickly and sent valuable supplies to a number of nursing homes:

Jefferson County Medical Association (for Southeast Texas)

Accel at Willow Bend

Senior care of Stonegate

Stayton at museum way

Allegiant WR

Trinity nursing home of Burleson

Forum parkway Bedford

Legend oaks fort worth

Greenoaks nursing and rehab

Pavilion at Creekwood nursing home

Southwest nursing and rehabilitation

Richland hill nursing and rehab

The publicity team continued to list anti-epidemic stories and diaries. There will be more videos and photos sent to DFWCare.org

Alone we do so little. Together we can do so much!

March 31 - April 1, 2020

As of April 1st 11:59PM, the total donation climbed to $ 147,856 in addition to RMB37,930! The total expenditure is $141,627. Taking into consideration the cost of shipping, our budget is completely balanced!

The PPE (24900 masks, 4 civilian disinfection equipment) donated by Ramunion USA has passed through many obstacles to reach the US. Thanks to Ramunion USA for the generous donation! Additionally, many thanks to Arbor International LLC for helping DFWCare complete customs clearance procedures free of charge. We are also very greatful to the owner of AJ Tack Wholesale Inc., who personally helped transfer the goods, provided warehouse storage, and materials. We will also deliver materials as Ramunion volunteers!

The hospital contact group is continuing to gather information on hospital needs. Recently, they have learned about two institutions that are out-of-stock and need help.

The material purchase group continues to track the transportation. Most of the goods will arrive this weekend or next week.

The material distribution team has donated two new hospitals: Dallas regional hospital and Parkwood Healthcare.

For hospitals that have already donated, please see our homepage

The publicity team added many videos and photos to the website. Next, they will make some videos of our volunteers.

New media reports:

Sinovision Chinese TV interview (new!)

The Collin County Local Profile Media (new!)

AT & T InspireAsian DFW is helping us promote donations (new!)

For other media reports, please see our homepage

Alone we do so little. Together we do so much more!

March 29 - 30, 2020

As of March 30 11:59 PM, our total donations have climbed to $142,261 and RMB37,930! Our total expenditure is $136,259. Including price of shipping, our budget is even. The gap due to the fees from Paypal and Gofund me is covered by Ramunion USA. Thanks to everyone's enthusiastic retweets and media reports, we are seeing more and more donations from other ethnic groups!

The hospital contact group is working hard; They have finalized 19 total hospitals donate supplies to. Great Job!

The material purchasing team ordered a fourth shipment of protective clothing.

The materials distribution team sent materials to the following hospitals and institutions. Volunteers, including our new Inventory Manager, have been extremely busy for 4.5 hours.

1. Baylor heart and vascular hospital in Dallas

2. Baylor Dallas Internal Medicine (individual doctors)

3. UTSW Doctors Network (individual doctors)

4. Methodist Charlton Medical Center

5. UTSW Parkland & Clements

6. City Hospital at White Rock

7. Adeptus Health

8. Children's Medical Center Dallas

9. Fertility Specialists of Texas

10. VA North Texas Health Care System

a. Dallas VA medical center

b. Fort worth outpatient clinic

c. Sam Rayburn memorial veterans center in Bonham

d. Plano outpatient clinic

e. Tyler outpatient clinic

11. Methodist Richardson Medical Center

12. USMD Hospital Arlington

13. Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center

14. Lakewood ER, Dallas

15. Legacy ER (6 divisions)

16. Texoma Medical Center

17. Comanche County Memory Hospital

18. Elmhurst Hospital (New York)

19. Denton Fire Department

20. Fo Guang Shan

Community donation

2800 level1 Surgical Masks

Community donors

1. Jonathan Chang VA

2. Ashley Liou Pulmonology & Critical Care Baylor Scott & White Medical

3. Flora Katy Memorial Hospital

4. Health Services of North Texas

5. 7 Individual hospital Doctors in NY

The publicity team recorded several small volunteer videos, including an interview of the USMD CEO. She sent a thank you letter in person. They are actively in contact with various media outlets. Stay tuned!

Here are the media covering DFWCare. We are getting more and more media attention:

Channel 8 TV WFAA (new!)

KRLD Radio Station (new!)

D Magazine (new!)

Into the United States

58 cities (new!)

Dallas Consumer Guide (new!)

Plano Star Courier


Dallas Morning News


Fox News

Texas Scorecard

Alone we do so little. Together we can do so much!

March 27, 2020

Total donation @ 11: 59PM 3 / 27th: $ 114,631!

Total expenditure of $ 89,396 (closed) and an additional $ 17,594.28 has been submitted for payment. Total spent $106,990.28.

We started to see more support from other communities outside of the Chinese American community. Our website has also seen an increase in traffic. Many referrals come from social media, such as Facebook. Continue to share our website, invite donors, beneficiaries, and family and friends to spread our love!

Many thanks to our volunteers who are troubleshooting. They are still working hard.

Five volunteers will complete the work of organizing the boxes and distributing goods next Monday afternoon. Thank you!

The supplies team placed a third order. The first batch of KN95 arrived on 3/28th and the other three orders will arrive on 4/2nd.

The hospital contact team has connected with a dozen hospitals and clinics to donate materials to.

The publicity team continues to expand our publicity efforts and they have invited major local Chinese media to report on us. They have also added a tab for suppliers to fill out information and a place for donation summaries. More kids are joining the online volunteer group.

The Collin County Local Profile Media interviewed the leadership team and the article will be published next week. Dr. Liu Fuqin was interviewed by KRLD Radio.

So far, we have donated a total of hospitals:

St. John ’s riverside hospital, New York (new!)

Lincoln Medical and Mental Center, New York (new!)

Baylor System (22 Hospitals)

Parkland memorial hospital

UT Southwestern System

City Hospital at White Rock

Methodist Richardson Medical Center

USMD Hospital Arlington

Adeptus Health

VA North Texas Health Care System (6 locations)

Media Coverage:

Plano Star Courier (new!)

TWU New (new!)

Dallas Morning News


Fox News

Texas Scorecard

Alone, we can only do so little. Together, we can do much more!

March 26, 2020

Total donation @ 11: 59PM 3/26th: $111,863

The hospital contact group has started the second round of reaching out, which includes more than 70 hospitals, with a few in locations at the edge of DFW.

The material distribution team is ready to distribute the second round of supplies next Monday.

The material collection team has been very active recently. Volunteers have worked hard to collect donations from the community. The accumulation of small donors creates a considerable amount of supplies that can be delivered to hospitals and communities. From the community, we have gathered a supply of 28 bottles of wipes and 4 bags, 2 large hand-sanitizer containers and 8 small ones, 400 gloves, 1440 surgical masks, 307 N95 / KN95 masks, and 1170 non-medical masks.

The purchasing team confirmed the third shipment (of 2000 goggles and 2400 masks) yesterday, with approval from the organizing committee. All our existing donor funds have been invested in the purchase of goods.

The social media team has continued to improve the DFWcare.org website. They have also contacted AT&T Asian Trade Union to discuss cooperation. Follow-up reports will come.

Media update: Plano Star Courier reports on DFWCare

Supplies are still tight, and doctors', nurses', and first responders' requests are increasing. I hope everyone will continue to share, publicize, and donate. We also welcome organizations like the J-Angel Foundation or charities to join us!

Alone, we can only do so little. Together, we can do much more!

March 25, 2020

Today is the one-week birthday of our group. Let's review our progress of the past week. Every person who is involved and supported us should be proud.

  • Donated more than $100,000 and purchased $99,318 worth of goods.

      • Purchased: 6,500 surgical masks, 1,800 masks, 600 protective clothes, 66,000 gloves, 40,000 KN95 masks

      • We are preparing to donate to a total of nine medical institutions. We have already delivered the following:

              • UTSW: 500 masks, 200 face shields, 10,000 gloves

              • Parkalnd: 400 face shields, 20,000 gloves

              • VA North Texas Healthcare System: 750 masks, 400 face shields, 16,000 gloves

              • 600 protective gowns and 500 masks will be sent out soon.

  • More than 30 hospitals have already been contacted and the second round of hospitals are currently being contacted. Out of thirty manufacturers, we selected four to trust.

  • We have been reported on by local news stations.

  • Countless people have donated face masks and countless volunteers work day and night

  • Endless thanks to those who donated, to our medical workers, and to our supporters!

Local news reports on DFW CARE

Dallas Morning News


Fox News

March 24, 2020

Total donation amount (11:59pm 3/23): $94,470

  • Word of our donations to hospitals continue to spread through the media. Many thanks to our supporters. Today, we were interviewed by Dallas Morning News, D-CEO Magazine, and AccuWeather Channel. We will announce the publication of the segments in the group.

  • Parkland Hospital started asking the public to help. Even the ICUs are almost out of PPE. We will donate to them to solve their urgent needs.

  • The materials group increased purchasing power. We hope to have the first shipment from China on Friday. The second round of purchases are expected to be completed next week. Every day, the situation is rapidly changing and growing riskier. We will try our best to complete the purchases as soon as possible.

  • Tomorrow, the distribution team will deliver 1,250 Level 3 masks, 800 face shields, and 46,000 medical gloves.

  • The media team has been dealing with media interviews, writing articles, and reporting on our aid.

  • Our website is officially named www.DFWCare.org. Continue spreading the word!

  • Because of CoVID19, the Chinese community has received hateful comments. In an interview today, a reporter asked if we were making these donations because of such comments. I would like to quote Professor Liu Fuqin's answer:

The Chinese community is super vigilant with regards to the development of the Corona / Covid-19 virus outbreak because we have family members who are impacted. We know how easily it's transmitted and how dangerous the situation is. We want to take proactive actions to protect the health and safety of our healthcare providers. To answer your question, I would like to end with a quote from what I read this morning "The Corona / Covid-19 virus pandemic is reminding us of the shortness of life and of what is the most important thing for us to do, which is to help each other, especially those who are older or sick. Our purpose is not to buy toilet roll.

Alone, we can only do so little. Together, we can do much more!

March 23, 2020

Total donation amount @ 11: 59PM 3/22: +$88,860

[Very favorable numbers. This is the total number of donations as of midnight yesterday]

  • The distribution team perfectly sent out the supplies to hospitals. Prof. Liu Fuqin and Chairman Yan Yujian both helped in the collection and distribution effort. Lily Bao and the Plano City Council also were present at the scene to support. The hospitals that received donations gave us many thanks. Local media (Fox4) also reported our activities.

  • Here are six hospitals donated today. Several more hospitals will distribute them later. Here is the specific information:

1. Baylor System Headquarters (drop in Plano location)

2. UT Southwestern

3.City Hospital at White Rock

4. Methodist Richardson Medical Center

5.USMD Hospital Arlington

6. Adeptus Health

  • Delivered: Level 3 Mask 4250, Face Sheild 800 Medical gloves 20000

  • In the process of being delivered: Level 3 Mask 1250, Face Shield 800, Medical gloves 46,000

  • The supplies group has finalized the criteria for selecting manufacturers and have decided (at least for now) to purchase protective clothing and masks from TOP4. The second round of purchases is planned to be completed next week. We have received information from more than 30 manufacturers, so please double check the criteria before recommending more.

  • The media team continues to report our touching stories. They cover the stories of the recipients' gratitude, donors' love, and the ingenious handmade masks.

"In the midst of this epidemic wave, the Chinese community here and overseas work together to build a defense!" -Mumian

March 22, 2020

Total donation amount @12PM 3/22: +$83,000

  • Our organization’s name is confirmed to be DFW Chinese American Relief Epidemic! Two large groups have changed their names.

  • The supply team is continuing to review the prices sent by various manufacturers. Samples will be received and then tested to see if they meet the standards. Vendors will be selected to purchase protective masks and clothing from.

  • The lawyer in the group of experts finished reviewing an exemption agreement and generously donated it to us. The receiver of the agreement only needs to sign it until it is officially donated.

  • Tomorrow, the distribution team will go to designated local hospitals and deliver supplies. Media coverage will be available.

  • The broadcast team continues to work hard:

      • Feel free to share our site (Available in English and Chinese): https://sites.google.com/view/dfw-caeri/

      • We have two touching articles which have been distributed to various groups available on it and we welcome any more that you may have!

      • Daily updates will also be published on this website so that everyone may see the steps we take along the way.

  • Today, ACP and the US-China Chamber of Commerce organized a donation event to fight the epidemic. From our founder Liu Fuqin:

“Recently, many groups have asked me questions. In addition to our own DFW CARE, there are many other groups raising money to battle this epidemic. Many didn’t understand this. To expound upon this, we are very excited to see so many Chinese Americans pitching in and helping the community in these troubling times. Our group mainly serves to donate and distribute protection for medical workers to keep them healthy and safe as they work. Without the generous donations and ardent support we have received from our many friends, we could not have taken such actions and made so much progress. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and support.“

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much!

March 21, 2020

Total donation amount: +$80,000

  • The organizing and supplies committee decided on a vendor of KN95 masks that are reliable, cost-efficient, and meet the standards. They are expected to arrive next Friday. They will be imported from well-known local suppliers from China. The same vendor has supplied other hospitals outside of our state. We may consider other merchants again later.

  • Thanks to J Angel Foundation for continuing to donate $25K. In addition to yesterday's donation, they donated a total of $50,000. They have greatly increased our ability to fight this pandemic!

  • Those who have volunteered to distribute supplies have completed training. For the sake of safety, the organizing committee invited experts and lawyers to check the volunteer waiver form. Enough time will be allotted so volunteers can deliver supplies without interacting/contacting many people. Pickup and delivery will be confirmed Monday afternoon.

  • When donating to the hospital, we will also provide the vendor's information so the hospital can directly contact the manufacturer and ask if they can directly supply. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

  • Several writers joined the publicity team to write pandemic diary entries and social media updates. The Google Site and FAQ will be published soon, available in Chinese and English. Contributions or reposts are welcome.

Thank you for your concern and support. Alone, we can only do so little. Together, we can do much more.

March 20, 2020

Official name of the organizing committee: DFW Chinese American Epidemic Relief Initiative

Total donations: [~ $ 45,000] Thank you to the J Angel Foundation for donating the largest amount of money we have received so far. The amount is split into two portions; one will be deposited in the account today and one tomorrow.

Product acquisition: Bought ~ $ 20K worth of: Level 3 Surgical Masks, Medical Face Shields, and Medical Gloves. Thanks to the vendors’ donations, the goods only cost us $16,977. You can pick up and distribute to the following 8 hospitals this weekend or on Monday:

Baylor System (22 Hospitals)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

UTSW Parkland & Clements

City Hospital at White Rock

Medical City Las Colinas

Methodist Richardson Medical Center

USMD Hospital Arlington

Arlington Memory Hospital

Thanks to the volunteers of the hospital liaison team who worked very hard to understand the needs of the hospital and repeatedly confirmed the details.

Material distribution: Thank you, volunteers, for actively signing up for distribution. Our delivery event is scheduled for Sunday or Monday. To ensure the safety of volunteers, be sure to watch the volunteer's Training video and prepare personal protection.

Other groups are working methodically.

Thanks to everyone for your concern and support. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

March 19, 2020

Total donation amount: ~$15,000

Our teams are currently working:

  • The needs assessment and specification team has created a list of hospitals to contact. Many volunteers are needed to help call the hospitals. We expect to confirm donation needs by 3/21.

  • The supplies team has collected information from eight vendors. They will work with the expert group to determine how to purchase PPE. Products compliant with US standards are preferred.

  • The donation team is actively promoting donations through social media. The amount of donations has quickly increased.

  • The expert team is actively preparing. Volunteers who have legal, import/export, or customs experience should contact the organizing team.

  • The publicity team is sending daily updates on the donation statement and Article on urgent needs from communities.

Thank you all so much for your support. Alone we can each do a little, together we can all do so much.