Current Projects

DCS x BHS Solar Hydroponic Garden

An axon view of the mock-up for the garden. It has a solar panel on top and PVC piping where the plants will grow.

A mock-up of the garden's design.

The DCS X BHS Solar Hydroponic Garden is a collaboration with Bruin Home Solutions to create an off-grid mobile garden system. The garden is placed in a repurposed cargo bicycle making the garden fully mobile. The garden will be placed on campus and the produce grown will be provided to the UCLA teaching kitchen and/or the UCLA food closet. Hydroponic gardens do not require any soil making them more space efficient and ideal for urban environments. In addition, they are more water efficient than traditional gardens. The solar component of the garden provides power for sensors and the water pump, allowing the garden to be fully off the grid. For more information about hydroponic gardening watch the video below!