Meet the Team

Administrative Team:

Lindsey, DCS President.


Lindsey Parungo

Hi I'm Lindsey, a 4th year financial and actuarial mathematics student. I joined the club in the fall of 2019, was the Financial Lead during the 2020-21 school year and have been the president since 2021. Outside of Solar, I write for The Daily Bruin, bake for my roommates, and collect hippo merchandise.

Shalinda, DCS Vice President

Vice President:

Shalinda Stefan Perrera

Hi,Im a fourth year Electrical Engineering major with a passion for all things renewable energy. At DCS we hope to inspire students from diverse backgrounds and majors to come together to innovate and create fascinating solar technology. Outside of DCS I enjoy reading, petting dogs and looking at trees.

Luke, DCS Technical Director

Technical Director

Luke Mariak

Scott, DCS Technical Director

Technical Director:

Scott Lin

I’m Scott, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major working with the Mechanical Systems team in Design Create Solar. By being a part of the team, I've gained technical skills and knowledge while learning how renewable energy sources work and may be made cheaper or more efficient with modern technologies and materials. The topic of sustainability is of great interest to me, and I love the idea of creating energy sources that may be reliably used for years to come. Outside of DCS, I’m a part of UCLA’s AACF, and I also enjoy rock climbing, frisbee, and guitar.