Paradoxical Simulation


While Maya is a flexible and powerful software for purposes of computational design, its use in architectural practice is less frequent in relation to software such as Rhino/Grasshopper, 3ds Max, Revit / Dynamo. This situation creates difficulties in finding educational material on the subject, since most

Training material on Maya is based on animation, and corporations making use of the software are not keen on sharing details of their design methods.

The 'Paradoxical Simulation' workshop held by AllBlackForm was therefore, an important opportunity for me to expand not only my experience on Maya, but also to better apply the software tools to computational design practice. It is a rare chance to access the professionals utilizing such tools for architectural design tasks. I believe I can make the most of this opportunity by creating and documenting an architectural project as stated in the workshop’s schedule, and disseminating the results to my fellow students within our program.