I am a third year PhD student in Operations & Technology at UCL School of Management. My research focuses on people-centric operations i.e operational processes where people play a central role. In particular, I study how individuals learn as they spend more time with a new technology and how peers can catalyse this learning to increase the performance and operational efficiency of workers. My current research studies people-centric operations in the context of Information and Communication Technologies for Development to make ICT4D more efficient.

As a part of my current research, I, along with my co-authors, generate a learning model for financial service providers (Banking Agents) in India. We also study the role of demographic characters, peer learning and knowledge spillovers in learning patterns.

My further research interests are threefold:

  1. Provide innovative solutions to improve the operational efficiency of Banking Agents.

  2. Conduct field experiments to understand how users interact with technology and suggest bottom-up policy measures to increase the efficiency of ICT4D.

  3. Understand behavioural patterns that affect adoption of new technologies and effective ways to increase adoption.