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Alberta’s Curriculum Review – English Language Arts and Literature

DDAB Curriculum Statement - English Language Arts and Literature.pdf

School boards play an important role. Through the Education Act, the Government of Alberta delegates much of its authority for the governance of education to locally elected boards. To look up schools and school boards by their name or location visit http://www.asba.ab.ca/about-asba/people/school-boards/

The school board holds the system – and itself – accountable. The school board assigns roles and responsibilities for the desired results and creates a system to monitor and evaluate achievement of those results. The school board reports performance to the public and to the provincial government.

Ask to meet with your local school trustee.

Share your story, and make it personal!

Alberta Ministry of Education supports students, parents, teachers and administrators from Early Childhood Services through Grade 12. The Ministry develop curriculum and set standards, evaluate curriculum and assess outcomes, teacher development and certification, support students with diverse learning needs, fund and support school boards and oversees basic education policy and regulations.

Contact the Minister of Education

Honourable Adriana LaGrange

E-mail: education.minister@gov.ab.ca

Alberta Advocate for Persons With Disabilities is committed to enhancing well-being and quality of life for children, youth and adults with disabilities. By building critical relationships and engaging diverse stakeholders within the disabilities community, the Advocate informs and addresses issues affecting Albertans with disabilities. The Advocate’s office also assists individuals and families by providing referral, path-finding and concern resolution support.

Contact the Advocate for Persons With Disabilities

Greg McMeekin

Email: advocate.disability@gov.ab.ca

Talking Points

Let the person you are contacting know that the education needs of students with dyslexia are not being met. Consider sharing the following points:

    • All students in Alberta should learn to read, including students with dyslexia.

    • The current approach to reading in Alberta schools does not address the needs of dyslexic students. The curriculum and training for Alberta teachers needs to change.

    • Evidence based reading instruction must be provided to support struggling readers.

    • All students should be screened for dyslexia in kindergarten so that early intervention is possible.

    • All students who show signs of dyslexia need guaranteed access to appropriate assistive technology.