Decoding Dyslexia Alberta

Advocate. Educate. Legislate. 

Decoding Dyslexia Alberta is a grassroots organization driven by Alberta families and educators who recognize the need for conversations with our school districts and policy makers regarding dyslexia. 

Our Mission: We strive to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children, and improve resources for students with dyslexia in Alberta schools. 

Our Vision: We envision a day when students with dyslexia are identified early in school and receive the appropriate evidence-based reading instruction and support that they need to succeed in school and beyond. 

Decoding Dyslexia Alberta advocates for:

We have an exciting event planned for October! 

We hope to create a collective voice in Alberta and across the country with one mission – to improve awareness and educational resources for students with dyslexia.