David Crockett HIGH school NJROTc

684 Old State Route 34, Jonesborough, Tennessee

(423) 753-1165


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About Us


Develop today's youth into future leaders by instilling the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment in all our students.


Educate our youth community on the benefits and responsibilities of citizenship to include introduction to opportunities in military, national, and public service and develop their leadership potential and competencies by promoting patriotism, person honor, individual discipline, our maritime heritage, the significance of sea power, and basic naval functions.


Empower all of our team members to own - with pride - our mission and purpose through:

Teamwork: Cultivate strong, professional relationships characterized by inclusion, coordination, and connectedness.

  • Know our community partners and stakeholders seeking to understand how our work supports others, the team, and the mission

  • Always act with respect and dignity towards others, actively pursuing inclusion, diversity of thought, and collaboration, communicating consistently, reaching out and listening for ways to improve our service to the community

  • Support each other through forceful watch team backup, anticipate and plan for challenges, and surge to help another

Leadership: Exercise brave and humble leadership with initiative and risk-informed authority.

  • Be fully dedicated and responsible for success in our programs and work environment as faithful stewards of our country's resources, encouraging full-disclosure and transparency

  • Always take care of each other because team success results from maintaining our own health and wellness, committing to the well-being of our people: our friends, family, and relationships

  • Take charge in absence of orders to vigilantly seek opportunities, efficiencies, and value to more effectively leverage scholastic and technological advantages, and clear obstacles to deliver on our promises to our communities

Development and Transformation: Sustain a culture of leadership development and transformation, key to America's future success

  • Encourage continuous professional growth, development, and learning

  • Mentor others as if we are training our reliefs

  • Nurture initiative, novel ideas, new approaches, creativity, and innovation


Patriotic citizens and leaders who are prepared to solve national challenges and are proud of our maritime heritage, champions of American sea power that possess fundamental understanding of naval principles.

weekly schedule

Before School: During School: After School:

Monday: --------------------------- Class Orienteering practice

Tuesday: Color Guard (7:00) PT with Navy PT gear Rifle (3:00-4:30) and Drill (3:00-4:00)

Wednesday: Color Guard (7:00) Uniform for all cadets PT practice and Academic practice

Thursday: Color Guard (7:00) Class Rifle (3:00-4:30) and Drill (3:00-4:00)

Friday: ---------------------------- PT with rainbow attire ----------------------------------------------------