Advanced Readings

Here, are the list of some of the research papers on the subject. The list of papers are related with the topics being taught in the class. Few of them throw light on the recent research topics in this area.

  • Floor-planning
    • Sutanthavibul, Shragowitz, Rosen, "An analytical approach to floorplan Design and Optimization", IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design, Vol 10, No 6, June 1991
    • D. F. Wong and C. L. Liu, "Floorplan design of VLSI circuits", Algorithmica, 4(1), pp 263-291, 1989
    • L. Stockmeyer, "Optimal Orientation of Cells in Slicing Floorplan Designs", 57(2-3), Information and Control, pp 91-101, 1984