The list of assignment topics are given below. The assignment will be study, review of the research papers in the concerned topic. Two students can form a group and choose one topic from the list given below. Each group must choose topic different from other groups.

1.Application of Distance Transform to Bio-medical diagnostic problems (Amit & Jignesh)

2.Automatic Number Plate recognition Systems: Algorithms suitable for Indian roads (Tarun & Ayush)

3.Application of Hugh Transform to Medical Visualisation

4.Automatic extraction and evaluation of geological linear features from digital remote sensing data using a Hough Transform.

5.Segmentation techniques for satellite oceanographic images.

6.Optical and motion flow based algorithms for automatic land slide motion analysis.

7.A survey of Robot Visual Tracking algorithms.

8.A critical study of autonomous sensor based path planner for planetary micro-rovers.

A list of few selected research papers on the above topics is given below.

1) Understanding Tracks of Different Species of Rat, Guannan Yuan, James Russel,Reinhard Klette,Bodo Rosenhahn, and Steven Stones-Havas

2) Footprint identififcation of Weta and other insects, Lea Deng, Daniel J. Bertinshaw, Reinhard Klette, Gisela Kletteand Darryl Jeffries

3) Optical Flow Templates for Superpixel Labeling in Autonomous Robot Navigation, Richard Roberts and Frank Dellaert

4) Circle recognition through a 2D Hough Transform and radius histogramming Dimitrios Ioannoua, Walter Hudab, Andrew F. Laine

5) Enhanced Mars Rover Navigation Techniques, Richard Volpe, Tara Estlin, Sharon Laubach, Clark Olson. J. (Bob) Balaram

6) Automated Landslide Monitoring through a Low-Cost Stereo Vision System, Mauro Antonello, Fabio Gabrieli, Simonetta Cola, and Emanuele Menegat

7) Remote sensing Image Thresholding for Landslide Motion Detection, Rosin, Hervas, Barredo

8) Blur Invariant Registration of rotated, scaled and shifted image, Ville Ojansivu and Janne Heikkila

9) Analysis of Hu's Moment Invariants on Image Scaling and Rotation, Hunag, Leng.

10) Moment Invariants in Image Analysis, Jan Flusser

11) Hough transform applications in Computer Graphics (with focus on medical visualization) Michael Wohlfart

12) A Study of Automatic License Plate Recognition Algorithms and Techniques, Nima Asadi

13) License Plate Recognition System based on Image Processing Using Labview, Kuldeepak et. al

14) Distance Transforms of Sampled Functions Pedro F. Felzenszwalb Daniel P. Huttenlocher

15) 2D Euclidean Distance Transform Algorithms:A Comparative Survey, Fabbri, Costa, Torelli, Bruno

16) Fast Euclidean distance transformation in two scans using a 3 X 3 neighborhood Frank Y. Shih and Yi-Ta Wu

17) Fast Euclidean Distance Transformation by Propagation Using Multiple Neighborhoods O. Cuisenaire and B. Macq

18) 3-D Heart Modeling and Motion Estimation Based on Continuous Distance Transform Neural Networks and Affine Transform Tseng, Hwang, SheehanY

19) Automatic Analysis of Microscopic Images in Hematological Cytology Applications, Diaz, Manzanera

20) Development of algorithms for digital image cytometry, Lindbland

21) Applying watershed algorithms to the segmentation of clustered nuclei, Maplica et. al.

22) Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Based on Wavelet Analysis and Neural Networks, Taifi