Tutorial 1

  1. Find out the number of electrons flowing per second in
  2. a) 1 Ampere of current
  3. b) 1pA of current
  4. If we pack hard spheres in a bcc lattice such that the atom in the center just touches the atoms at the corners of the cube, find the fraction of the bcc unit cell volume filled with hard sphere. Each corner atom is shared with 8 neighboring cells.
  5. At 300 K the lattice constant for Silicon is 5.43 angstrom. Calculate the number of Silicon atoms per cubic cm and density of Silicon at room temperature.
  6. The lattice constant for a face centred cubic structure is 4.75 angstrom. Determine volume density of atoms (i.e. number of atoms per cm3).
  7. The volume density of simple cubic lattice is 3 * 1022 atoms per cm 3. Assume that the atoms are hard spheres with each atom touching its nearest neighbor. Determine the lattice constant and radius of the atom.


Q3 Q4 Q5 - "Physics and Technology of Semiconductor devices" by S. M .Sze