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I am currently a Lecturer in Computer Science at RMIT University, Melbourne. My main research interest includes applications of coding theory in distributed storage systems, network coding, and discrete mathematics.

Contact me at sonhoang.dau@rmit.edu.au (with CV, and transcripts, if available) for available PhD projects on applications of coding theory in distributed storage systems, distributed computing, and blockchains.

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Recent news


  • December, 2019: Oracle Research generously gave us USD $25k worth of cloud credit to use for one year!

  • November, 2019: Our joint Discovery Project with Monash University (Prof. Emanuele Viterbo) on Coding Theory & Blockchain was approved by Australian Research Council! The grant is worth AUD $420k (2020-2023).

  • October, 2019: The first draft of our paper on elastic coded computing was available online.

  • August, 2019: Our paper titled "On the Triangle Clique Cover and $K_t$ Clique Cover Problems" was accepted by Discrete Mathematics. Co-authors: Gregory J. Puleo (Auburn) and Olgica Milenkovic (UIUC).

  • July, 2019: Four papers were presented at the IEEE Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) in Paris, France: (1) "On the I/O Costs in Repairing Short-Length Reed-Solomon Codes" (with Weiqi Li, Zhiying Wang, Hamid Jafarkhani at UCI and Emanuele Viterbo at Monash); (2) "Set-Codes with Small Intersections and Small Discrepancies" (with Ryan Gabrys at PAWAR, Charlie Colbourn at Arizona State University, and Olgica Milenkovic at UIUC); (3) "Locality in Index Coding for Large Min-Rank" (with Laskhmi Natarajan at IIT, Hyderabah, Prasad Krishnan, V. Lalitha at IIIT H); (4) "Iterative Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes based on Non-binary Matrices" with Viduranga Wijekoon and Emanuele Viterbo at Monash University).

  • June, 2019: Chen Feng from UBC visited us and gave a nice talk on coding theory and blockchain!

  • April, 2019: I gave talks and lectures at the Mini-Workshop on Coding Theory and Applications at Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (https://viasm.edu.vn/en/hdkh/cta), VNU University of Engineering and Technology, and VNU University of Science.

  • February, 2019: I presented a talk at the Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA) orgainised by UC San Diego.

  • January, 2019: I joined RMIT University!

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