A little bit about our past and present

A brief history

Thirteen years ago we made our first drop off to commemorate her first birthday and remembering what it meant for us to see Danya in her first outfit after days and days of being under a warmer, and how it meant that recovery was slowly happening. Each year our donation grew and our relationship to the hospital and the child life program grew and we learned of new needs or ways to adapt the projects we did. Eight years ago we applied for 501(c)3 status and began to make more and more of an impact in our community. Since then we have been blessed with a couple of grants and we have met so many more people to help us along the way.

Where we are today

Today we have developed some highly needed projects. You can learn about those on the home page. These projects have reached hundreds of families this year, and we have just made contact with a second hospital and will need to expand our donation drives to meet the needs at 2 hospitals. We are very excited for what the future holds.

Spreading the word about what we do at Honolulu City Lights in 2019
Covid style drop off in September 2021