New Shorter Books!

The original books in the series will continue to be available, but they are now available in shorter books, around 170 pages or so. They will include added material because my universe has matured :) The shorter versions in the Home Is Series will now be the Adia Series.

Adia Series

This series is about Adia Rayaline, a scientist on her homeworld of Areon. It is a colony of Earth began twohundred years before Home Is Not Home starts. She has a cube in her pocket that can save 13 galaxies, but she doesn't know how to use it. Over the span of the series, she stops a war on Areon, marries Ryonne~, King of Ye~ and becomes Queen, she and her injured husband are stranded on Earth, she saves 13 galaxies, they serve missions together, fall into slavery, the entire colony has to go into hiding, the colony must move to a healer colony, and fear of Councilors from a higher tech level have the entire Zheien race and other races of the Alliance and Unified trade networks in thirteen galaxies afraid to host them! All their adventures just strengthen the love between Adia and Ryee. Emperor Ry'nao never loses hope that a higher tech level than the Council will intervene to save their civilization.

Adia Series. Shorter books with added material, Beginning in 2019

First of these will be Adia, Scientist of Areon, coming in 2019.

Home Is Series Original super-length novels from 2009.

Rainbow Series

Coming Soon

Molly, Healer Queen of Rainbow, first of the new, shorter novels but with added material.

Rainbow’s Start

1st volume in Rainbow Series.

Dovetails with Home Is A Difficult Journey, 5th Volume, through Home Is Memory, Home Is Illusion, 9th Volume, in Home Is Series.

Molly Brown, only 15, follows her family's adopted slaves from Earth to space and leads a colony start into trouble. Binneas, Diplomat of Fhiah, finds them on Questalod as Emperor Ry'nao makes plans for a new healer colony on Binneas' home Alb Seer. Molly eagerly leads Rainbow Unwell Colony with 525 slaves she acquired to heal and free; but, her love for Binneas grows along with the colony and its reputation for miracles. Can a teenager become a queen and lead the colony?

Zhea~ Year 7822-24 525pp. Novel. Rated PG. Young Adult. ASIN: B002HREMUS


Rainbow Stories

2nd volume in Rainbow Series.

Dovetails with Home Is A Dream Of Well 10th Volume, through Home Is Not Ye~, 12th Volume, in Home Is Series.

Queen Molly Brown and new King Binneas, newlyweds, take care of their growing colony as more Zheien colonies fall to slavers. They try to help Emperor Ry'nao, but slavers take Ye~, and a new emperor must take refuge in Rainbow as dark times come to the Unified and the Alliance. Timespace itself is disrupted by the struggle between tech levels, but what can a healer do?

Zhea~ Year 7824-31 525pp. Novel. Rated PG. Young Adult. ASIN: B002IKKJBK


Coming Soon

Ty'nirrhan Series

Ty'nirrhan Effect

Deb and Greg Wenh Cet live a happy yuppy life on Earth, until Greg gets hurt. His people, the Ty'nirrhans, are coming for him. He can't stay, and they don't know about Deb. She's assuming a family reunion. He can't remember what they're really like.