Character Classes

"Ye'll be needin' to choose a profession that ye want to pursue here as well. From the looks of ye, I'd recommend shovellin' manure, but that ain't one of yer options. Ye'll just have to find one ye might not be TOO incompetent in."

Character classes define the nature and tendencies of a character. Some may hit for more damage, such as the Barbarian, but must pay a higher price to use magic. Others may be able to weave intricate spells, but are poor in physical combat. Each is listed below, with an explanation of benefits and shortcomings.


This character is a master of using poison, getting a 4x bonus when using it on his weapon.

  • Advantages: Can buy poison cheaply and do a great deal of damage when using it.
  • Disadvantages: Can not buy any magic at all, poor combat abilities without poison.

Alchemists receive extra Intellect points when gaining a level


This character class is similar to a ninja in abilities, making an assasin a worthy opponent.

  • Advantages: Can use poison well, and generally gets a backstab.
  • Disadvantages: Must purchase expensive wands.

Assassins gain extra Dexterity points upon gaining a level


This is the strongest combat-class fighter in the game, but most susceptible to the effects of magic. A Barbarian's hitting power grows as he gains more experience; there will be a point when a barbarian can hit for as many points barehanded as with weapons.

  • Advantages: Very hard hitter.
  • Disadvantages: Poor magic resistance, must buy wands.

Barbarians gain extra Strength points per level


This class is a jack-of-all trades, an entertainer.

  • Advantages: Can do it all.
  • Disadvantages: Can not do any of it WELL.

Bards gain extra Charisma points per level


These devout fellows have good magic and combat abilities.

  • Advantages: Normal use of magic spells, can possess very high Charisma.
  • Disadvantages: Poor Dexterity, poor poison use.

Clerics are awarded extra Charisma points with each level


A one-man killing machine.

  • Advantages: Tough opponents.
  • Disadvantages: Poor poison use, must purchase wands.

Fighters gain additional points to their Stamina when gaining a level


The best term used to describe this class is "annoying pest". Though their combat ability is sorely lacking, they are great at dodging blows.

  • Advantages: Use spells, can backstab, good robbing ability.
  • Disadvantages: Ineffective poison use, weak combatant.

Jesters receive bonus Dexterity points upon gaining a level


This is the magical counterpart of the fighter - strong magical abilities, but weak in physical combat.

  • Advantages: Use spells well.
  • Disadvantages: Ineffective poison, weak physically.

Magicians gain bonus points to Intellect per level


These specialty-fighters have a number of abilities.

  • Advantages: Use scrolls, can hit fairly well.
  • Disadvantages: Cannot use poison, does not excel in a particular area.

Rangers gain extra Stamina points when they gain a level


This class is similar to a Thief, but do not specialize in one ability.

  • Advantages: Use scrolls well, good backstab, good robbing ability.
  • Disadvantages: Ineffective poison use, poor physical combat.

Rogues are awarded extra Charisma points when gaining a level


Though this class is the weakest in physical combat, Sages' spellcasting ability rivals that of a God-class.

  • Advantages: Super-powered magic.
  • Disadvantages: Ineffective poison use, poor stamina.

Sages gain extra Intellect points when gaining a level


The Thief uses stealth abilities to sneak in his deadly backstab. Thieves, accordingly, also have the best chance of robbing.

  • Advantages: Great backstab, good poison use, excellent robbing ability.
  • Disadvantages: Uses wands, weak regular attacks, poor Charisma.

This class gains extra Dexterity points every level

The Paladin, Titan, and God classes are described in the section, Becoming Immortal.