sophisticaTed sorcery & mirthful magic

Damon Conlan combines comedy and magic to create an amazing, show-stopping spectacular. Since no written word could do it justice, his show probably shouldn't ever be reviewed.

He recently performed his inaugural one-man show, Make Britain Magic Again, in Birmingham. This show was set in a fictional dystopian society in which the UK is in an austerity program, the NHS is being privatised, Great Britain voted to Leave the European Union, sterling took a tumble, stock market uncertainty began, a second scottish referendum looms, The Demon Headmistress is now the Prime Minister, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is the Foreign Secretary and TV's Donald Trump has become the Leader of the Free World.

Damon's show promises to have the best tricks partnered with the best words. You're guaranteed a really terrific time. Absolutely. He's a total winner and has tremendous popularity. The finest.