Catch Damon at the Wolverhampton Comedy Festival, Funny Things, on Saturday the 26th of October. Tickets on sale now.

Refuge will be sought from the political fallout of the modern age and miracles* of a scientific nature will be witnessed. In this post-apocalyptic sanctuary, spectators will observe a new world of mutant showbiz raccoons, cocoa-based gluttony, and spectacular telepathy†.

"Damon Conlan goes some way to filling that [Tommy Cooper] void"

*Miracles aren't real, fools. †Telepathy isn't real, fools.

Make your event memorable, mirthful, and miraculous by hiring Damon Conlan, an award-winning close-up and stand-up magician from the West Midlands. Damon combines sleight-of-hand and comedy to delight, mystify, and astound. He also likes to call himself a Jocular Prestidigitator because it has long words in it and makes him sound clever.

His distinctive style of sleight-of-hand and irreverent humour is ideal for private parties, weddings, corporate events, cabaret, trade shows, and restaurants. Place Damon in a room full of humans, and watch him entertain!

Damon has been a conjurer for several centuries and has so far evaded all historical witch-hunts.

You may have heard the Jocular Prestidigitator speaking of sorcery on Switch Radio, Demon FM, having tea on BBC WM, or you may have caught him performing his one-man show at a fringe festival near you. He has also previously bedazzled at events such as Birmingham Comedy Festival, Birmingham Arts Fest, the Lichfield Fuse Festival, the Lichfield Florette Festival Market, Funny Things, and The Hobgoblin Leamington Spa Comedy Festival! Be sure to stay up-to-date with forthcoming shows via his Facebook page.

Damon's prestidigitation is based in the Midlands (areas such as Birmingham, Solihull, Cannock, Lichfield, Walsall, Wolverhampton), but he travels the length and breadth of the UK to entertain and amaze.