Brook Buddies

Traveling Sprites

Follow along with our Sprites as they discover the world.

Brook Buddies

Brook Buddies are our puppet friends that make appearances online and at events. 

Brook Sprite Puppet Society

Fellow Brook Sprite Adoptees can connect in a private Facebook group.

Traveling Brook Sprites

We have begun sending some of our Sprites on adventures!

The Sprites will be bouncing around this great earth, observing new cultures and sights, and exploring different geographical regions.

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Our Brook Sprite friend Cocoa Bean is excited to be traveling, and is really excited to visit cafes in Italy, and see the mountains in Switzerland. 

Hi, my name is Cocoa Bean!

Cocoa’s first adventure begins 

Cocoa is set to travel to Italy and Switzerland.

Cocoa in Italy

Cocoa’s Italy & Switzerland trip 

Part 1

Hi, my name is Jim!

Jim has landed safely and has begun bop all over the streets of Tokyo. It looks like he is visiting shrines and tasting some yummy foods. He really loved his plane ride, it was very long, but he couldn't help but pretend he was a super hero flying through the clouds while he wore his cape. He wanted to share a picture of his first dessert in Tokyo, and crepe filled with sweet treats. he was also very impressed by the wall at the shrine that reminded him of Mah Jong game, the giant vending machines, and of course mini robots!

Gilbert is currently living at the Dabbling Brook headquarters. He has recently begun taking day trips local to the New Jersey and New York region.

Hi, my name is Gilbert!

Gilbert visits the Met Cloisters in New York

Watch Gilbert’s slideshow of the Cloisters.

Archive of Past Brook Sprite Adventures

Our Brook Sprite puppet Jim went on this big adventure with four human friends, they all had a blast. Zipping around London and sightseeing so many new and different things was exciting. Enjoy this slideshow of some of his favorite moments.

Brook Buddies

Meet our lovable puppets!
These Brook Buddies are our Dabbling Brook puppet friends that have had a blast making videos for your enjoyment. 




Pongo & Ivy





Brook Buddy Chats & live streams

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Soon, you’ll be able to schedule a virtual chat with or a request a personalized message from the Brook Buddies!

Brook Buddies Video Collection

Brook Sprite Puppet Society

The Brook Sprite Puppet Society is the hub for connecting with fellow Brook Sprite caretakers. 

This group is meant to offer inspiration, ideas, connectivity, and community. Share pictures, make friends, and get the latest Brook Sprite scoop. This group will host some exclusive events for members. 

For educators, you can connect with fellow educators to facilitate a pen pal network between yourselves. 

The options are abundant.