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Welcome to the homepage of the Danish Association for American Studies (DAAS).

The purpose of DAAS is to encourage the study of the United States in Denmark.

On these pages you will find most of the pertinent information about the association as well as news about its members and our research activities.

If you have any questions or queries, please email DAAS President Marianne Kongerslev.


Transatlantic Currents: Essays in Honor of David E. Nye

Jørn Brøndal, Anne Mørk, Kasper Grotle Rasmussen (eds.)

This collection of articles is as a tribute to David E. Nye.

For purchasing options see Winter Verlag.

Civil War Settlers

Anders Bo Rasmussen, Associate Professor, SDU

Civil War Settlers is the first comprehensive analysis of Scandinavian Americans and their participation in the US Civil War.

For purchasing options please visit Cambridge University Press. Discount code CWS2022.

Seven Sublimes

David Nye, Professor Emeritus, SDU

A reconception of the sublime to include experiences of disaster, war, outer space, virtual reality, and the Anthropocene.

For purchasing options please visit MIT Press.

Dark Scenes from Damaged Earth

Justin D. Edwards, Rune Graulund and Johan Höglund

Embracing pop cultural phenomena like True Detective, Jaws, and Twin Peaks, as well as topics from the New Weird and prehistoric shark fiction to ruin porn and the “monstroscene,” Dark Scenes from Damaged Earth demonstrates the continuing vitality of the Gothic while opening important new paths of inquiry. These essays map a genealogy of the Gothic while providing fresh perspectives on the ongoing climate chaos, the North/South divide, issues of racialization, dark ecology, questions surrounding environmental justice, and much more.

For purchasing options please visit University of Minnesota Press.

The New Cinematic Weird

Steen Ledet Christiansen

The book engagingly shows how creepy, unsettling, ominous, uneasy, and eerie atmospheres provide a way into the weird experience. This book is important to anyone interested in the audiovisual weird, cinematic atmospheres, how audiovisual media produce worlds, and how weird fiction challenges our conception of the way the world is.

For purchasing options please visit Rowman & Littlefield.


American Studies in Scandinavia 54:1

American Studies in Scandinavia is now fully digital. Our first open access issue showcases some fantastic work by Clara Juncker, Marianne Kongerslev, Melih Levi and numerous (book) reviewers.

Check out the current issue, along with all previous issues, here.


Crises and Turns: Continuities and Discontinuities in American Culture

The 27th Biennial NAAS Conference in Uppsala May 25-27, 2023

CFP: Deadline: September 1, 2022

Conference Website


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