Welcome. This website is for people in the D5 Neighborhoods of San Francisco to share our resources to ensure people's needs are met. Click below to either submit a request for or supply of goods or services.

You can also call us at: (415) 621-9835

Some examples: Are you able to shop for someone who needs to self-quarantine? Fill out a resource submission form below. Are you running short on basic supplies but cannot get out to the store or cannot find the supplies you are looking for? Fill out a resource request form below.

What This Is

This website is created and maintained by residents of District 5 in San Francisco on a volunteer basis with no resources from or obligations to any person, organization, or institution other than ourselves and our local community, you.

We created this website during the escalating COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to help our neighbors meet basic needs during in an uncertain time. San Francisco has enormous wealth as well as obscene poverty. Street by street, the extreme inequality in our beloved home is staggering.

It is our belief that during the current crisis, more and more people will recognize our survival and well-being is tied to the efforts and well-being of each other. We also believe people will see the need to act outside the typical channels of commerce upon which most people rely.

It is our hope people with resources and services to offer can connect with people who need those resources and services. This website and other like-minded networks attempt to help people make those connections and justly allocate resources. We aim to plan together with our neighbors to ensure that each one of us is taken care of.

We invite you to build this community project with us. Many of us are losing our precarious ability to afford rent, food, medicine, and other basic human necessities. Some of us have already lost everything. We are not asking for charity. We are hoping to help one another build a humane community that supports one another and meets our present, urgent needs.

If you need resources: rent, food, services (delivery, professional, etc.), cash, fill out the resource request form linked above.

If you have resources: food, sanitation supplies, blankets, socks, (non-prescription) medicine, expertise, cash, fill out the resource supply form linked above.

Please note, as you surely well know, there is no guarantee that needs will be met through this forum or the networks that spring from it, although we will do everything we can to make it happen and hope others will join us in that effort.

Also note, we will not be selling the information you provide or sharing it with any any outside organization, people, or officials without your direction but at the same time, this is not a private forum. We will do our best to respect people's privacy until permission is granted but please recognize that the information in the form you submit will be available to the community members building this effort so we encourage you to not include personally-identifying information you would not want shared openly.

Your Neighbors,

D5 Resource Forum Volunteers