Hello world! My name is CyborgJack. I make games for humans.

Omega Protocol:  Sole Defender

Omega Protocol:  Sole Defender is part RPG, part Roguelike, and part RTS. You control the most advanced space ship humanity has ever created as you defend the solar system from a relentless alien assault. Customize your ship, defend space stations around the solar system, and plan your tactics to save the solar system against a cunning alien threat.

Update: Now available to play right in the browser! You can start playing the game  by clicking the play game button at the top of the Itch.io page. I recommend downloading the Windows desktop version if you are able to since it runs better and looks better. I'm hoping to make an IOS and MacOS version as well.

Works In-Progress 

Omega Protocol:  S.T.A.R Squad

Omega Protocol:  S.T.A.R Squad is an open world RPG set a century before the events of Omega Protocol:  Sole Defender. You control a group of mercenaries known as S.T.A.R Squad (Special Tactics and Reconnaissance) as they find themselves amidst an inter-galactic conflict. Travel the galaxy as you find new resources, personnel, items, equipment, opportunities, and allies to defend the galaxy.


Release date:  Whenever I feel like it

Platforms:  Windows 10