CyborgJack logo depicting a modern video game controller with directional buttons for the left eye and a group of four different colored buttons for the right eye with a smile below the eyes resembling a smiley face. The words CyborgJack Games is below in bold blue letters.

About Me

I've been making games for years but it wasn't until Covid happened that I found time to finally finish a game. I published Omega Protocol: Sole Defender in Summer 2020. I am definitely an RPG fan but I also like strategy games, tactical games, and open world games.

I'm always looking for play testers, sound designers, music composers, and graphic designers to collaborate with. I can handle the overall design and programming but graphics and music aren't my strongest skills. If you are a freelance sound, music, or graphics designer and you don't mind your only compensation being in the form of credit, feel free to contact me.