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I am an Indiana Spanish teacher in love with all things CI. I do teach grammar but I like to teach it at the end of the chapter; after we've done the fun stuff like read, movietalk, picturetalk, games, and conversations (I've never been good at story-telling so I don't do it!) I am a huge fan of Martina Bex and Senor Wooly (I have a cameo in his video "Se Chevere!")

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Let's dance on Fridays!

Baile Viernes was always on my back burner but I was too chicken to try it. I teach Too Cool for School 8th graders and I could see it flopping horribly and the only one dancing would be me. I decided to jump in last year and I was so glad I did! I had ONE class that refused to dance so it, literally, was just me dancing like Elaine Bennett (and having a blast.) And then, one day, a girl wiggled her finger. She wiggled her finger! I praised her, gave her a jolly rancher, and then continued my one-person dance around the room. But, that little finger wiggle broke the ice and pretty soon they were ALL dancing.

Here is the page to the music I use: Baile Viernes Have fun dancing!!!!

Gustar Song

New Video Uploaded! The Gustar Song

Present Progressive song

My latest video! I tried to use my students singing the chorus. It almost worked but they love it so I don't have the heart to re-record it!

Easter (La semana santa) is just around the corner! As usual, my go-to teacher for resources is Martina Bex. Check her out! There are others as well on my Easter page!

Just added to my library (level 1) -- Go here for the complete list

  1. El jersey by Jennifer Degenhardt (Amazon)
  2. El viaje dificil by Jennifer Degenhardt (Amazon)
  3. Pancho y las momias by Rachel Emery (Amazon)

CULTURE! I recently came across a post in the FB Group Spanish Teachers in the US about celebrating various Hispanic New Year's Traditions. The author gave me permission to turn it into a webpage. Click here for the resource!

New Years Traditions.docx

E -IE stem changers


Note Taking StemChangersEtoIE.docx

Guided notes