Hi everyone and welcome to my page! This website is hosted in google sites so you probably see a crazy web address that starts with Remember that you can always get back here by going to! And I would love it if you joined my FB group: or subscibe to my YouTube channel!

I am an Indiana Spanish teacher in love with all things CI. I do teach grammar but I like to teach it at the end of the chapter; after we've done the fun stuff like read, movietalk, picturetalk, games, and conversations (I've never been good at story-telling so I don't do it!) I am a huge fan of Martina Bex and Senor Wooly (I have a cameo in his video "Se Chevere!")

I created this webpage because I have the attention span of a goldfish and I was making videos and saving articles to come back to later and then could never find them, or forgot about them. Below is my current self-improvement focus (probably several!) I am a bit of a magpie so if you see your material posted here and I didn't credit you, or I did credit you but you don't want it here, please drop me an email.

Look what I just found!

Habana Radio (and all around the world!) Click on the picture to go to the webpage.